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The only one Common Entertainment for the people all over the World is “FACEBOOK” Only. Not only For Entertainment, People using Facebook for Business Purpose also. If a company is unveil a new product for the first time, The Company would like to know about the Status of that product among the Users. And also they would like to know about how the Users using the product and also what the users Expecting more from the product. To know all about the users Suggestions, One of the Easiest way for the Company is Facebook only. And also product releasing from facebook will reach the people very easily. And also users Comment their Suggestions.

Like the Same way, If  a user don’t like a product he/she will simply move on and don’t show any protest for that product. But company would like to also know how many People dislike the product. For that purpose, We can Insert “Facebook Dislike Button” in Facebook Status. Not only for Company use, Individuals updating their Status would also like to see how many viewers Dislikes their Status. This article will explain about how to Insert Facebook Dislike button on Facebook Status.


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How to Insert “Dislike Button” on Facebook Status:

Inserting Dislike Button on Facebook Status is very Easy. We just have to Install Extension for this.

For Chrome Users:

Go to the Link to get Extension and Add the Extension to Enable “Dislike” Button on Facebook

For Firefox Users:

Go the the Link to get the ADD-ONS, to Enable “Dislike” Button on Facebook

Install Dislike button on facebook, and see how many Viewers Dislike it actually and make it as the Viewers to be like it.


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