Facebook Blank Status and Comments

Facebook is one of the most interesting social Network launched in February 2004 . Daily  we can see many interesting news in it. And also many of us will try to do many innovative methods in it. Always just sitting simply in facebook and checking out recent updates, status is a boring. Facebook is with many interesting activities like apps, games and more for fun and entertainment and some uses facebook for educational purpose. And also facebook makes us to stay connect with your friends. But these all are common stuffs on facebook. Make it a little bite interesting by updating Facebook blank status and comments on your timeline and make your friends to look over you.  In facebook, People will update interesting status about them or any others, But no one had try do update an Empty status. It seems to be interesting.


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Blank Status:

You can update an empty status in your account. Just you need to have to do is Copy the following letters and Paste it in your status bar @[0:0: ]


Like an Empty Status you can also Put Blank Comment in any status.

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Blank Comment:

Make your Number in the Keyboard Enable, and Hold Alt key and type “0173” Using Numeric Keypad in the Comment Box. and hit Enter.


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 Blank Message:

As like Blank comment you can also send blank messages to your friends by Holding Alt key and type “0173” in the Number Pad

There are many interesting stuffs on facebook which makes us more enjoyable and also gives knowledge. Hope this article helped you to put blank status, blank comment and also to send blank message to your friends.

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