Facebook after your Death

FACEBOOK AFTER MY DEATH: What happens to your facebook account after your death? Have you ever thought about this? Here is the answer for your question. Facebook is a very big social network with lots of active users. Facebook has more than 1.19 Billion monthly  active users, What will happen after 10 years if this continuous? Surely there will be infinite number of facebook accounts but with same active users? some may left their account due to some problem in their personal problem in their life, Or some may die. There is no problem for those who left their account for some problem, They may had deactivate it or their friends circle may report them if their account was hacked or seems something suspicious. What about for died facebook users? How their friends protect their account, Where should they report if their account seems suspicious or hacked. Here is the answer for all your questions.

facebook after your death

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Facebook After your death:

After a active facebook user decreased, Their family members in facebook could choose any one of the following two options to protect their account.

 Change the account as Memorial Profile

Delete their account permanently 

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What is a Memorial Profile:

A memorial profile looks like a normal facebook profile with some disabled features with it. This profile made inaccessible for public search, That is, it cannot be found by new facebook users other than existing friends in that profile. The profile would not appear on friends suggestion list and the apps used by that profile user will be ceased by facebook. And also existing friends can not tag any photo or status or send message to that profile. But they can post condolences on their timeline and share any photos on their timeline. Facebook reviews all the timeline status of a Memorial profile, If the status is about the death of that person or photo is their death, Facebook deletes it automatically because its not a right way of showing their feelings. Simply this profile act as a memorial one to their family and friends circle.

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How to delete / Change the account as Memorial Profile :

To make a dead’s person profile as memorial profile or delete it, Anyone from their friend list have to submit online proof of that users demise. Facebook analyze the online proof and also checks there is no recent activities of that profile  and finally facebook deletes the account or make it as memorial profile according to that person wish.

To Delete account Submit Proof Here 

To change as Memorial Profile, Submit Proof Here 

Thus you can make your decreased friend profile  as memorial profile or delete it permanently. It is better to make these changes as soon as a facebook user dies, Because there is high risk of hacking and they may share vulnerable posts using that account and they may use it for wrong purpose which may let in trouble. Since facebook has become a legal one, Every action in facebook is jural. Use this facebook feature to protect your decrease friend facebook account. If there is any problem or difficulties on doing above procedure, comment it below we will give proper solution for your problem.

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