Facebook: Activity Search

Facebook has become Legal and there are many chances for getting into trouble with Facebook. Facebook Users are doing many activities in it, Like Commenting any Status, Liking a Photos, Answering for a Questions, Adding Friends, Writing Notes, Uploading Photos, Adding Events Etc., If you want to see any one of the Activities Like Comments, Likes, Search Etc.,that you had made, and if you want to change it, You have to search for it in your profile. You have to scroll more to search for a Commented Post or For a Post that you Hide. Make it Little Bit Easy. This article shows how to make facebook activity search.



How to see all the Posts that you have Like/Hide/Comment:

  • Go to Your Facebook Profile
  • There you can See Active Logo, Right Side below the cover Photo
  • Click on it
  • In the Left Side of the Page you can see Lists of Options Like Likes, Comments.
  • Click on More to See Many other Activity Options
  • Here you can also see your Search History in Facebook
  • You can see Every Activities that you had done
Active Logo is a place, Where all your activities has been saved. A user can see all his/her Activities that they made, And if they wish to Change anything they can.  Try it and Make use of it.Click Here to get more Facebook Tricks

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