Easy way to get Facebook notification message

Facebook is very big social network which connects all people from one end of the world to another. Day by day the amount of facebook user has been increasing and also an individual person starts to spend more time on facebook. People tags photo, share links, comments send messages, responds to posts and more are doing in facebook. These information’s are notify to the users through notifications in facebook.  However its very hard for a person to stay online for 24 hours to checks for notification. To over come this problem, Facebook provide Easy way to get Facebook notification message. Yes, you can get facebook notification in your mobile phone free of cost. This article helps you to activate facebook notification message.

Open your browser open www.facebook.com.

Click on drop down button in left side bar and select settings

Facebook Notification

In settings, in the left pannel Mobile tab.

Facebook Notification

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Facebook asks for your country but it is automatically detected for example: if you are in india it shows india.And It also asks for your Mobile Carrier choose your own for example:if yours Mobile Carrier is Airtel then choose for Airtel.

Facebook Mobile Notification

As we are moving to the next step grab your mobile and send the letter F to 51555.

Facebook mobile notificaiton

And you may be getting a confirmation code type it in your Facebook dialog box And Facebook also has the option that which whether you share your phone number with your friends and allowing your friends to text to you from Facebook.Thats All Enjoy by getting Notification on your mobile.if you have any doubts or problems please let me know in comments.

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