Download FaceBook Video without any software

Facebook, A Most Popular Network in this world. It has more than one billion Fans. All Credits Goes to Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is updating itself with many new features like Creating Pages, New Facebook and New Photo Viewer.But We can not download Facebook Videos directly from the Facebook. Do you think there is no trick for it? There is a trick to download it Directly.

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Here we go

1) Go to Internet Explorer -> Tools / Internet Options -> Delete -> Delete Temporary files, Delete it

2) Now log-in into your FaceBook Account and Play the Video, Stream the Video fully

3) Again Back to the Tools/Internet Options -> Settings -> Temporary files -> View Files

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4) This will open a new folder on your computer showing the files, You can find your Video File here. Short
the video file

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5) You are done. Now the Video is in your computer, The Video file should have icon of your default video

player. and most of the Videos files are more larger than the rest files. Copy the Video file and store it
some other folder.

If you are a Google Chrome User, You can Get your Temporary file by downloading  Chrome Cache View

Download: Chrome Cache

Hope, This article has helped you to download facebook video without any software by using a simple and easy trick. If there is any doubt on downloading facebook video or if your found any abstracts, Just comment it below we will give proper solution for your problem.

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