Download Facebook Albums in a single Click

Facebook is a good place for sharing every thing what we like, And also we may know about our friends what they like by their status in facebook. Photos are the Unforgettable one. Its a most Precious one that let us to remember about our Olden days. People in the facebook sharing, Uploading or Tagging their Photos which they like and also uploading their own photos.
One can upload Unlimited Photos in their Facebook account. Suppose if you are going to format your computer, or your computer got Corrupted, You may loose your Precious photos. Don’t worry for that, If you had uploaded those photos in your facebook account you can download it. You don’t have to right click on every image to download your photos. You can download all your Facebook albums in a single click. Yes, You can download your Facebook Photos Easily.
You can download entire album. There is an Facebook application for this Purpose. Facebook2zip is an application, Which helps to download all your Albums in Zip format, As same for your friends Profile also. You can download your Friends Photos also.

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How to Download Facebook Albums in a Single Click:
  • Login with your Facebook Account
  • If your want to download photos from your own album then Select your Profile, Else type a friend name in “one your friends” box to download your friends photos, then click on next
  • Select the album which you want to download, Maximum 600 Photos only allowed for a download, So if there exist more then 600 Photos you have to deselect some photos.
  • Then Click on Download Button

  • Now you will get your photos in Zip format, Extract it and enjoy with your photos.

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