How to create Fake Facebook wall posts

Facebook has become a evergreen world for many users, There are many interesting stuffs in facebook where on can enjoy everything they need. Facebook helps many people to market their products, Its a best place for marketing. Apart from the business people a student can like his interesting subject page and get recent updates and also learns more about the subject as he / she wish. More than education, Facebook helps to stay connect with friends for all days. Entertainment is also a important one for all, Facebook provides many entertainment stuffs like games, apps and more. But you may get bored of it. If you are bored with facebook do something new with facebook. Here is a simple tricks that helps to create a fake facebook wall posts and make friends to look up you.

fake facebook wall posts


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Fake Facebook wall posts:

As facebook has becoming more popular many freelancers were started to work for facebook, Many sub websites for facebook has ricing more faster than others. Sub websites for facebook means Fake facebook look websites, apps for facebook, and more over actual look like facebook with more editing features. We are gonna use one of the site that is similar to facebook but with many editing options to create fake facebook wall posts. Using this site one can create

  • Fake Facebook wall posts
  • Fake Status Update
  • Fake Relationship status
  • Fake likes
  • Fake events and more

And also its very simple to do all the above stuffs and cheat your friends in facebook.

fake facebook wall


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How to create Fake Facebook wall posts

  • The Wall Machine helps to create fake facebook wall posts
  • Click here to go to The wall Machine
  • Click on Connect button and allow this site to access your Facebook profile
  • Now you can see a fake facebook wall, Click on any thing, Everything is customizable
  • Scroll down to get many options like updating fake relationship status, Likes and more
  • It also gives link for your fake facebook wall posts and also options to save it
  • To make it simple, Just take a screen capture and upload it on your facebook profile to make your friends prank

If there is any difficulties on doing above trick, Just comment it below, We will response for your comments.

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