Create Facebook page without name

Facebook is a very big network to connect people from all over the world. It attracts the users to stay connect with it because it made the users to keep touch in outer world from inside home. What ever a user need can be given by facebook, From education to entertainment everything can be seen in facebook. There are lots of groups and pages which helps the users to stay connect under a particular group which makes them to get update or to share about any particular category. There are millions of facebook pages and groups for particular purpose. Those groups and pages are with many different names which makes the users to join in it. How it could be if a facebook page without name. Don’t think is this possible, Its possible. By using some tricks there are many chances to create facebook page without name. This article explains how to create facebook page without name.

create facebook page without name

How to create Facebook page without name:

  • Open facebook and click on Create a Page
  • Now select any General category and copy the below symbols and paste it in “Company Name Field” 
  • Check the “I agree the Facebook Pages Terms” and click on Get started
  • Give Description and skip all other terms
  • Now you can see the page with the symbol as name, yet have to work to make page without name
  • In Admin Panel -> Click Edit Page –> Edit Settings
  • Under Page Info click on edit name and delete all the symbols by using backspace and click on save changes
  • Now check View page, You have created a facebook page without name

Its all done, Now start promoting the page and be the first one in your friend circle to create a page without name. If there is any trouble on creating facebook page without name, Just comment it below. We will give proper solution for your problem.
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