How to create facebook confession page (Post anonymously)

The number of facebook users has being increasing day by day because of its popularity. There are lots of stuffs that can be done in facebook. Facebook is with some policies which does not shows any personal data without the permission of that individual. But one cannot post anything anonymously. There are many facebook pages and groups under many categories which helps the users to get connect with people with same interest, and also share about that particular stuff. One can share, or post anything in facebook pages or groups  but it shows the name of the person who post in it. But what to do to post anything anonymously? Facebook always getting the needs of the users and providing everything to the users. To post anything anonymously we can create facebook confession page where anyone can post anything anonymously. This article explains how to create facebook confession page and post anonymously.

create facebook confession page

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Creating Facebook Page:

  • To create facebook confession page, we have to create a normal facebook page under cause or community category, Follow the below simple steps.
  • Create a Facebook page or click here
  • Select Cause or Community and give a name to it like Dirty Mind things or Love Anonymously and click on Get started
  • Give suitable Display Picture and Cover Photo for the page
  • Work over with Facebook page, Now its time to make it as confession page

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Creating Facebook confession Page:

  • To make a confession page, you should have Google account, Go to Google docs
  • On top left side Click on Create and select Form 
  • Select any themes and scroll a little bit and select Add Items –> Paragraph 
  • Provide the necessary questions as you need
  • Click on Choose Response Destination and pick New spread sheet and save it
  • Now click on View Life Form 
  • Copy the URL and short the URL using to make the URL look neatly
  • Now paste the copied URL in the about field of the facebook page 

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Its all done, Now when anyone post anything anonymously, You will get a message. Just copy that from the spread sheet and paste it on facebook confession page

Its very easy to create facebook confession page, first create a facebook page under cause or community category then create a Google form which suits your Facebook page then paste the URL in the about section of the facebook. If you wish to short the URL just short it by using then paste it in about section. Then finally copy the posts from the excel sheet when someone posted in it then copy it to the facebook page. If you found any problem on creating the facebook confession page comment it below, we will give proper solution to rectify it. Now anyone can post anything anonymously on facebook page.

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