Check How much time you spend on FACEBOOK

Facebook is a Most popular Social Network all around the world. Even a small Child is having Facebook Account. It plays a vital role for young stars. We all are addicted to it, How do you feel if the Facebook is banned? Even you Can not think about it. Its just a social network, But we are using it as addicted to it. Spending too much of time on Facebook may let you in several Problem. It will dump our Brain. Its Making us Lazy. But whatever its harm to us we will use it as long as it lives. To reduce this, Check How much time you spend on FACEBOOK
                World is full of INTERNET. Now a days nothing is possible without internet. Its one of our Basic need. That much it ruled us.

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      How to Check How much time you spend on FACEBOOK
      A plugin is there to know much time you spend in Facebook and in Internet.

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  • Spending Long time on sitting in front of computer will Causes many problems like:
  • 1) It Cause Eye Redness, Dryness, Strain and headaches
  • 2) Harm to the fingers and thumbs if we type continuously for a long time
  • 3) It may Cause Back pain, Neck pain and Shoulder Pain
  • 4) It may Cause Obesity
  • 5) And also Chances for Deep Vein Thrombosis

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Like these, there are many problem, To avoid these Problems use your computer in a proper way:

1) The Screen Should Away 2-3 Feet from your Eyes

2) Relax your eyes at-least for Every 15 minutes like Closing your eyes and close it with your hands

3) Have a view on any Distance object for every few minutes

5) Keep the brightness of the screen low or Always use Light Lamps back to you.

6) Blink you eyes more often

Your work is very important one. But your health is more important than your Work. Take care of your Health so only you can enjoy your life.

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