Change Facebook Profile as Fans Page

Facebook is a important one to all, Some are using it for entertainment, Some for Business purpose. More over facebook is providing many features like games, apps, pages, groups and more for the users. It has become officially for many users and many facebook users uses facebook as a good place for marketing their products. For the Business Purpose Facebook providing us facility to change our Own Account to a Fans Page. Do you want to Change your Profile as Fans Page? Then Why are you Waiting? Here is an article to explain how to change facebook profile as fans page.
facebook profile as fan page

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How to Change Facebook Profile as Fans Page:

Its very easy to change a facebook profile as fans page. To make changes, Just follow the below simple step.

  • 1) Login into your Facebook Account.
  • 2) Before Changing your Account as Fans Page. Change your Profile name as you want to be in Fans Page
  •      Because your Name only will be migrate as Fans Page name.

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  • 3)  Click Here to Change your account as Fans page.
  • 4) Select a Category for your Fans Page like Business, Entertainment etc.,
  • 5)  After Giving your Password, The work starts. It will take few minutes to change your account.
  • 6) After the Completion, You are done. Now you can Enjoy in your Fans Page.
NOTE: If you have change your account as Fans page. You Can’t get back to your Profile. It is not Reversible. Suppose you had done so. Click here. You have to submit Proof as in the name in Profile. But it is not sure.

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