Access Facebook or any other Blocked sites from Office or College

FaceBook is a good place for Entertainment in Computing, and also we can get many useful information’s from FaceBook. But in our School, College or in Office we can not use Facebook. Actually Facebook is relaxing our Mind, But in the Institution they are thinking Facebook is an unwanted one. So they are Blocking it. Most of the institutions has been blocking Facebook. But we can access facebook it in Simple way.Already i have told about accessing blocked website in my Site, That is also a easy way. This is More easy than it.

How to Access FaceBook / Any other sites from Blocking or From Cyberoam:

Go to the site:            


Just enter the website name which has been blocked and hit enter. You can access it now.

Suppose if the Administrator had also blocked “,”.
Don’t worry, There is another trick

Go to 

Enter  on the left side, You will get the Site link on the right Side, Click on it you will redirected to a page with FaceBook logo. Click on it. Now its your Palace. You will be redirected to the FaceBook Page. No one can find you, Because you will be showing as you are browsing from some foreign website.

Enjoy your Facebook in your College, School, Office and get some time to relax with it. and you can also access any other websites which has been blocked by your Administration

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