3 Online Photo editing tools for Facebook Photos

Day by day facebook users starts to spend more time in facebook because of its interesting stuffs. A  user shares his / her photos and other interesting things they like in facebook. Most of the users expects response from their friends for their activities in facebook like getting comments and likes. Its very usual to upload photos of you and you may get very low likes for your photos because its normal. Try something interesting like making combined DP and cover photos or other stylish cool photos of you. To get more likes for a photo it must be impressive. Here are some online photo editing tools for Facebook photos. Use these tools to get more likes for your photos.

3 Online Photo editing tools for Facebook Photos

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Online Photo editing tools:

There are many online photo editing tools specially for facebook but all the tools doesn’t works fine. After analyzing many photo editing tools i come up with 3 best online photo editing tools for facebook photos. Use these tools and make amazing photos of you or your friends and get many likes and comments.


This is the one of the best online photo editing tool with lots of options. This tool is not specially for facebook but one can do many things with this tool as like in photo shop. Its easy to work with this tool, One can easily edit their pictures with this tool. When you stepped into the site you can see three fields to edit photo.

  • PIXLR Editor
  • PIXLR Express
  • PIXLR O-Matic

PIXLR Editor: If you want to create a new image or edit an image as like in photo shop, You can go in PIXLR Editor. This provides many tools to make photo as you wish. And you need to work hard to get a good photo with this tool.

PIXLR Express: This one is with many default tools like correcting image, applying effects, overlays, borders, stickers and text. I hope there is nothing much to say about this tool. If you want to make the above changes you can go for this tool. Still you need more, Chck the next one.

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PIXLR O-Matic: This tool helps apply some defaults effects in a photo. Its like giving final touch for a photo. If you want to make a photo more attractive you can use this one. If you are with a good photo, Directly use this tool and make it more attractive. Don’t forget to check the more options in last. Its with more creative stuffs.

Photon – Facebook Photo Editor:

This is actually an extension which helps to edit photo directly in facebook. Open any photos in facebook and edit it directly. Its also provide many other options like downloading a photo, sharing a photo. These two things can be done without this extension. But its also provide other editing tools like adding effects, cropping, applying layouts, adjusting pictures and more. This helps to edit photo instantly and also it doesn’t takes more time to load. I recommend to use this tool for editing photos. This extension is not available for firefox.

Click here to add this extension for chrome

Tricked out timeline:

This tool is specially for facebook DP and cover photo. It would be most coolest one for setting a combined facebook DP and Cover photo. Why are still waiting, just go to http://www.trickedouttimeline.com/ and find a best one for your DP and Cover photo. There are 4 different types to make a combined DP and Cover photo like taking a part of cover photo and making as DP or sequential zooming for both cover photo and DP or like tearing photo. Select a best one and make it as your DP and Cover photo.

Hope this article has provided best 3 Online Photo editing tools for Facebook Photos and it would be more useful for you for setting your upcoming DP and cover photos. If there are any Online Photo editing tools for Facebook Photos better than above, Mentioned it in comment and make it useful for our visitors.

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