Invite all friends to Facebook Fan Pages in one click

Facebook is a worldwide famous social network with lots of activities like Games, Education, Entertainment and more. To bring all Facebook users under particular category there are many fan pages and facebook groups. Facebook fan pages plays vital role on marketing or publishing any products or websites and more. Facebook groups helps to bind the people under some interest or with same category. There are millions of facebook fan pages and groups. An individual facebook user handles more than one facebook fan page and groups. Every Admin of a facebook Fan page tries to get more likes by inviting more friends in it. And also if you are in a Facebook group you may get many Group requests oftenly by your facebook friends. You don’t need to spend more time to Invite all friends to Facebook Fan Pages, Here is simple facebook trick which helps to Invite all friends to Facebook Fan Pages in one click. Continue reading this article to know more.

Invite all friends to Facebook Fan Pages in one click

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How to Invite all friends to Facebook Fan pages in one click:

To Invite all friends to Facebook fan pages in one click, You don’t need to use any apps, You just have to Add an extension to your browser which helps to select all the friends to invite and so you can invite all friends to facebook fan pages. Just follow the below steps to do this.

Install below Extension in your browser which helps to invite all friends in one click

Chrome Users   Mozilla Firefox Users 

  • Login into Facebook and Open Facebook Fan page
  • In admin panel click on Build Audience and select Invite Friends 
  • In Friends suggestion box, Select Search All Friends 
  • Now Scroll the side bar to bottom until it loads all friends
  • Click on the extension in the tool bar of your browser to select all friends
  • Now simply click on Submit button
  • You are done, Now your Invitation to all facebook friends has submitted successfully

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This is the most easiest way to Invite all friends to Facebook Fan Pages in one click, If you found any trouble on sending invitation, Just comment it below, We will give proper solution to overcome your problem.

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