How to find Who Unfriend me in Facebook

There is no doubt of saying facebook as very big social network. Generally a good social network should  connect people all over the world, Helps to share their idea and also make it reach all over the world as a user wish. Facebook does this work perfectly, It connects a user to other user as they wish and also connects a user under particular category. Facebook gives options either to like or dislike anything and also Add As Friend or Unfriend anyone. Do you want to know who unfriend you on facebook? Here is answer for your question. Here after you don’t get doubt how the number of friends in friend list got reduced and Who Unfriend me in Facebook. Here is a clear solution. 

Who Unfriend me in Facebook

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Daily we are giving friend request to many people in facebook to develop our friend’s circle. Some friends accept the request, Some other rejects it. Facebook gives options to check how many requests we send, How many friend request got accepted, How many request didn’t get accepted and more. We can find these stuffs in Activity log of our profile but when a friend unfriend us from their friends list, Facebook does not gives any notification about it. But still we can a way to find who unfriend us in facebook.

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Who Unfriend Me!!!

There are many indirect apps developers for facebook who helps facebook users a lot to feel comfort to use facebook. There is an extension which shows who unfriend you on facebook and also this extension gives more information about pending friend request and more.

For Chrome: Download Extension

For Firefox:

  1. Install GreaseMonkey
  2. Now Download Unfriend alters for Firefox
  • Download extension from the above link and install it in your browser
  • Restart you browser and open Facebook
  • You can find Unfriend button near Home
  • Near chat box you can find Unfriend Symbol which shows notification when someone unfriend you
  • This extension also gives details about Pending friend quests and also about ignored Friend Requests

This extension helps to find pending friend requests, ignored friend request and unfriend list. Hope this article has helped you to find who unfriend you on facebook.

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