Facebook Disable Seen option in chat

Now a days we all are getting busy with facebook, So we could not reply for some messages from Annoying  Friends, In the Starting period of facebook, If a message was read it won’t show anything in chat box. But now facebook has been developed well with many features like if we open a message it will shows “Seen on”  to the sender. So If we didn’t reply for that message our friendship may break. As i said Facebook has been developed with many features we can disable this feature. But there is no settings for this in facebook itself, We have to add an Extension to our browser. This extension Prevents the Sender, whether a message that he/she send is read or not.

How do Disable “Seen” option in Chat:

For Chrome Users: 

  •  Just Click on Add to Chrome Button to Add this extension to your Browser.
  •  It also provide Facility To block the Typing indicator

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For Fireforx Users:

  •  After Installing, Restart your Browser then there will be no “Seen”

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For Other Browsers:

              If you are not an Chrome or Firefox users, You just have to block this link                          


to disable “Seen” Option in Facebook Chat box


Hope this article has helped you to Block the seen option in Facebook chat and keep away from Annoying friends and be free. Give your valuable comments for better improvement.

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