How to Scan the Scam Mails

We are in Technology world, Anyone could be cheated by these Technology. The Technology has been developed Tremendously. And computer has made a big change in human life. Every simple Work is changing to Computer. Writing to Typing, Standing in Long Queue to Get Ticket is changed to Online Ticket Booking. And there is also Online Banking to do Bank Transfers. Computer made our Work Easy. It is Appreciable. But at the same time, These Thieves has also Entered into Computing to Steal others Properties.  They are always waiting to Cheat someone and to Steal their Money. Email is the one of the Finest way to Cheat in online. Most of the Cheaters Uses Email to Cheat others.

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Scam Mails:

Cheaters will send Mails like, I am very old man I have decided to Transfer all My Money to Child Care or Any Organisation. If you Send your Bank ID, I will Transfer the Money to it.
Or they will send Mails like, I was cheated by my Husband. If you Help me to get my Share, I will Give you 10% of Share. Or they will send Mails Professionally as Like from Bank.
Some Innocent People Believe this and they will share their Bank Details, Cheaters use this Opportunity and and Transfer all Innocent People Bank Balance to Their Bank Account.

How to Check Scam Mails:

Now a days there is many chances to get Scam Mails as mentioned above. Gmail itself Scan for Scam Mails. But some Scam Mails cannot be identify by Those Scanners and there is chance for Being Cheated. For this Problem there is an free online service to check for Scam mails.


The Above link let you to a site where you can check for Scam Mails. You just have to Copy some KEY words from the Mail and have to Paste in the Search box of the Site. (Example for Key Words: If you got a mail like, There is a sale of Margarito Diamond at low Cost, Here the key word is Margarito Diamond at low cost)  This site uses a part of Google Search Engine. This Scam Checker is designed against Scam Mails. It runs under the help of Government Sites to Scan the Scam Mails.

This site will be very much useful for Business Mans, If you are having any doubt about a mail, Check it Whether it is a scam mail or not. i just takes few seconds to check. Spend few Seconds to Check the mail and avoid being Cheated.

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