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Its time to earn from twitter account. Do you have a twitter account ? Why are you wasting your tweets ? You can make money for tweets. There are lots of way to earn money online but we must work hard to get good earnings but this is a easiest way to earn from twitter account, Simply Money for tweets. I hope tweeting something is not much difficult one. You may have tweeted many links or about any products daily, Why are you doing it for free? There are many services which are ready to give money for tweets. Its very simple to earn from twitter account. Just Follow this article.

earn from twitter account

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Have you ever heard about earning from twitter account or Money for Tweets ? There are already many article about this in web but this article is special from other articles. You may have seen many articles saying about many web services that gives money for tweets, Yes there are many services which help us to earn from twitter account. This article is not only about saying names of those online services, It also explains how to make money for tweets with those services. Here we go, Get ready to earn from Twitter account ~ Money for Tweets.

Earn From Twitter Account:

This article gives complete details to earn from twitter account using Sponsored Tweets website. Even-though there are many services which are ready to give money for tweets i selected sponsored tweets for following reasons.

Why Sponsored Tweets?

I found sponsored Tweets as trusted and reliable one amount various services. And also Sponsored reviews is affording its service for other social networks like facebook, Instagram, Google plus etc.,

Requirements to Earn from Twitter Account:

Pay Pal Account:

Sponsored Tweets needs pay pal account to transfer your earnings. Paypal is one of the easiest and safest way to transfer Money. So Signup for Paypal account with necessary details.

Active Twitter Account:

Your Twitter Account must be active, That is your twitter account must be active like your facebook account. You should be active on Twitter as on Facebook and also you must have many recent tweets. You tweets must reach to many people in twitter.

Many Followers:

This is the most important thing to earn from twitter account. Your twitter account must be with many followers. If you don’t have many followers don’t worry. This article also explains how to get many followers for your twitter account.

After getting ready with above three important things to earn form twitter account you can proceed with sponsored tweets.

Note: Make your twitter account active before entering into sponsored tweets.

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Sponsored Tweets ~ Money for Tweets:

After making your account ready with above three main things go to Sponsored Tweets website and create an account.

Check it before Sign up:

  • Don’t click on Signup to create account, Click on Sign in with twitter account in Log in panel
  • Now Fill the Sign up form
  • Choose $0.10 for charge per tweet. If you choose higher rate at first, many advertisers may think to select you. So it is better to select low amount and increase it as your demand increases
  • Enable click watch to make your account attractive to advertiser. This will also helps to retweet your tweets if a tweet doesn’t reached the people
  • Make contents to be rated by Everyone
  • Set many popular tags to get more offers from sponsored tweets. Advertisers from the tags you subscribed will give you offer to tweet for money

Its all done for Sign up, Click on Create My Twitter account to get into your account.

How to work with Sponsored Tweets:

You can find two types of offers to earn money from sponsored tweets. One is PPC Offer and another is Fixed Offer. Are you thinking what those things? Here is the explanation about both types.

What is PPC Offer:

This offer gives you payment on how much clicks you get for your tweet.

Fixed Offer:

This gives payment of your fixed rate in sponsored tweets.

As a beginner you have to choose PPC offer only and sponsored tweets won’t allow you to select fixed offer.

Now you are fully ready with Sponsored Tweets. Its time to earn from twitter account, Make money for tweets. Get offers and start earning.

As i said earlier, Here are some tips to get more followers in twitter.

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How to get more Followers in Twitter:

There are many ways to get more followers in twitter but getting more followers legitimately is little hard and many twitters won’t like to get more followers through this method. If you are with more than 10 K Followers than you must be a celebrity or you must have followed any tricks illegitimate to get those followers. Here are some tips to get more followers. But truly saying, it is very hard to see good earnings with low number of visitors. If you need more visitors try to increase followers of twitter account. You can increase followers by using below tips.


A single symbol ‘#’ has more power in twitter, It may help you to get more followers in twitter, You every tweets with ‘#’ Tag helps you to get you many followers as it reaches many people. Add apt ‘#’ tags of your tweets so only you can get good followers.


This is the another powerful in twitter and you know ‘@’ is used to mention users in twitter. Use @ username in every tweet to increase your followers. When you tweet interesting stuffs may people would like to follow and and thus you can get many followers using @ username. But twitter may mark you as spammer if it use it too much or unnecessary.

Get Friends:

As like facebook, You can send messages to your followers and also to unknown people. Make good friendship with this option and try to get more followers.

The above method helps you to get many visitor legitimately, But no one would like to get many followers through this method. There are many other methods like buying followers or using Twiends. As these two methods are illegitimate it is not recommended to get many followers.

Hope this article has explained you more about to earn from twitter account. Get offers and start to make money for tweets. If still you are with any doubts to earn from twitter account, Just comment it below. We will give proper solution for your problem.

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