Windows 8.1 Features

A new evolution in windows operating system is windows 8. It comes with a new interface with the users, especially for touch device user’s windows 8 gives new a new feeling. But as expected by Microsoft windows 8 does not impressed people that much.  So as soon they start to work for windows 8.1 and fulfill user’s expectations in windows 8.1.  Windows 8.1 is a service pack with many modified programs and works better than window 8. Windows 8 is with many apps those apps are modified in 8.1 features and also included some more apps. But the users are still thinking to upgrade from window 8 or other operating system to windows 8.1. The main reason for this problem is users did not come to about windows 8.1 features . This article is will give you some windows 8.1 features. If you found those new features will be useful for you than go for windows 8.1. 

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What’s new in Windows 8.1?

windows 8.1

Start Screen:

Windows 8 is more special for its start screen. Windows 8.1 is also seems to have the same start screen but the start screen is modified with many windows 8.1 features. The start screen in windows 8.1 is with two different tiles for applications and also there are four options to show the programs and apps. And another exciting feature is windows 8.1 start screen can me modified as we wish.  This can be done by clicking on Taskbar -> Properties, in taskbar properties you can get many options like Default to Apps view in the start screen, boot to desktop, and list desktop apps first in the apps view. By using these options we can modify the start screen as we like but in windows 8 there is no options like this.


Start Button:
Most of the user’s are not satisfied without start button in windows 8. Windows 8.1 fulfils it by giving a start button with it. This start button cannot be capsulate by any programs and also let us to the start screen easily. And also we can get shutdown option in right click power user option.

Easy Search:

In windows 8 we have to select the category to search and also have to go to start menu each time to search. But in windows 8.1 we can get search options easily by just clicking windows button +s, This will let us to the search option and no category have to be selected to be search. It will automatically identify whether we are searching for file or apps or web search etc., this type search will save lot of time.

Apps view:

By swapping the screen we can get apps screen in touch devices, and in normal devices that are in computer we can get it by just clicking an arrow. This will let us to application screen. The apps will be displaced in 4 different tiles and we can make use of it easily. This will save more time to search for an app.


Photo Editing:

Windows 8 is with photo viewer options only and nothing can be done with it. But in windows 8.1 the photo apps is with many tools to edit the photos. If you are a tablet user to take photo there are many options in windows 8.1 photo app. There are tools like Camera role button, Exposure tool, Timer video etc., the usage of mouse wheel in photo application is a plus. It gives operations for mouse wheel in photo app.


More than one Windows:

More than one window can be use at a same time in windows 8.1. By minimizing the applications, we can see and work with the application at a time. The whole screen can be split into four screens and can run all the four applications at the same time.  The size of each apps screen can be alerted as we wish. In previous version we cannot work with more than one app at a same time. But windows 8.1 give this facility.


File Explorer:

Window 8 is without file explorer but in window 8.1 there is an option to set file explorer. This can be done by setting a Library. Right click -> Shortcut menu -> Libraries -> This PC.

Control Panel:

Windows 8 is with normal control panel as in the previous versions but windows 8.1 computer settings are arranged in easy way. More than 100 of settings and new apps come under nine categories. These categories are separated into 42 sub categories. This will make us to search for a settings easily and can operate it easily.
I found many useful things in windows 8.1. How about you?  If you are a windows 8.1 user and found more exciting feature in it comment your experience and also if any feature is not mentioned in the article please mention it in comment and make others to feel the change.


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