Use Pen Drive as RAM

We are using our System for many Purpose, Some times we are running many programs at a time, Suppose if our Ram memory is very low, The computer will become slow. Because, Current running programs will be save in Ram Memory only. No one likes it when their computer is working at very low speed. To over come this problem, A better way is to increase the Ram Memory. For this you don’t need to buy a new ram. You can use your Pendrive as Ram. This Article will show how to use Pen drive as Ram.

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How to make Pen drive as Ram

1) Plugin your Pen drive, The Pen drive must be at-least  2GB
2) The computer will Detect your Pen drive and Right click on My Computer and Select its Properties
3) Now Check in from Properties->Advance Tab
4) Properties->Advance Tab->settings under performance
5) Properties->Advance Tab->settings under performance-> Advanced Tab
6) Advance Tab-> Virtual Memory-> Change Button
7) Select Your Removable Hard Disk
8) Now the Work Begins, Select Custom Size radio Button and set the values as given below
i) Initial Size: 1020
ii) Maximum Size: 1020
iii) You can set the values of Initial and Maximum size as the free space of your Pen drive
9) Then Set it, and save the settings by pressing the button OK
10) After completing all the instructions given, Restart your System.
Suppose if you remove the pen drive while it is working, The whole system will Crash. So don’t remove it when it is Working.

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