Transfer Money through Gmail

Google is always doing something new to make its users more comfortable like Google Wallet, Google Spoon, now it has introduced a new system to transfer money. Yes, Now you can transfer money through Gmail account. Are you really interested to know how to make it ??  Then this article is right for you. Here it’s the new way to Transfer Money through Gmail Account by using the Google Wallet. But this features is available only the US users who lives inside the US. Lets we move on and see the procedure to Transfer money through Gmail Account below.

Transfer Money through Gmail

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Transfer Money through Gmail Account:

Google wallet gets combined with Gmail, which helps the US users to transfer money through Gmail Account using Google Wallet. BY transferring money through Gmail Account which makes the user more secure to send money and he/she can transfer money quickly. Lets we see the procedure about Transfer Money through Gmail Account one by one.

Send or Request Money through Gmail Account:

  • Open your Gmail
  • Click the Compose button placed in the Left Side of your Account.
  • Enter the Person Email Address whom you want to Request or Transfer money through Gmail Account.
  • If you need, you can add the Subject and message text. It does not affect in Transfer money through Gmail Account.
  • Then Click the $ icon which is placed at the bottom of your Composed message. (This shows only for the US users).
  • If you have Google Wallet, then you send the money by just entering the amount that you want to transfer to that person by choosing the funding Source. If you want to request the money from the person, then you need to enter the money that you want to request by just clicking the Request button which is present at the top of the box.
  • If you does not have any Google Wallet until now. Don’t bother about anything. It directly asks you to set up your account.
  • After entering the money, Click Attach button.
  • Before sending the messages just check the message fully one more time, and then click Send.

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By following the above process you learnt the procedure of how to request or Transfer money through Gmail account.  Lets we see about how to receive money which was send to you by others.

Note: Request or Transfer money through Gmail account is free only when you transfer/request through Google Wallet or your bank account.

Receive Money through Gmail Account:

If you receive money from your friends or others in Gmail for the first time, follow the below instructions to get the money.

  • Open your Gmail
  • Open the message that your friends or other persons send money with attach.
  • Click the Claim money button.
  • By clicking that Claim money button, it makes you to sign to your Google wallet and verify your identity.
  • After the identity verification gets completed, it makes you to go back to that message and makes you to click the Claim money button again.

Once you claim money for the first time, the money that you will receive automatically adds in to your Google Wallet account.

Note: Receive money through Gmail account is always free and you can also claim your money in Desktop and mobiles.

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