Tips to Find Crush on Facebook

Facebook is the only place where we can find lots of fun’s to have with friends and also there are many stuffs to do with facebook. Facebook can be use for different purpose like chatting with friends, sharing our thoughts, developing business, to know about some people and more. But the matter is using every tool in a better way. Finding crush on facebook is a little harder job if you are far way from them but still there are many easiest way to find crush on facebook. Facebook provides us best way for finding people around us but many facebook users are not aware of it. I hope you all know about facebook find friends which helps to search for a friend with some basic details like email, city, occupation etc., But this article is not only about using that tool to find crush in facebook. It teaches more than that tool. Even you can use google to find friends on  facebook. Not only in google, Your crush might me in any of your friends list. There are lots of factors to find crush on facebook. The main thing is using everything to its extends to find crush in facebook. However without knowing a bit of information about your crush you can’t find anything in facebook. This article shows you many thing to find crush in facebook then using find friends tool. Here we go to find crush in facebook.

Find crush on facebook

Tips to Find Crush on Facebook:

One of the best way to find crush on facebook is just typing their name in facebook “Search Box”  you will get all profiles in that name, Go profile one by one to find crush.

Find friends on facebook

If they are not your crush profile then click on “Find all people name ” ♥” and use more tools to find your crush.  You can find lots of tool as shown below to find crush in facebook.

Find Friend in Facebook

The second easiest way to find crush in facebook is using Find Friends tool, If you are already aware of it, Just skip this method. Click here to go to Find friends page in facebook. There you can see lot’s of shortlisting tools like City, Occupation, College and more. Don’t forget to use “Mutual Friend” tool. If you know your crush College name, Send friend request to some people who are studying in same college and then use Mutual Friend tool to find them. You can easily find crush in facebook if you know his / her email id. Just check last tool in find friends page to find crush using email id.

These tools are provided by Facebook to find people in facebook , Now we see how to find people on facebook other than using facebook tool.

Use Facebook app to find Crush:

If you are a smartphone user, Then is another easy way to find crush on facebook using facebook app. But to use this feature, you have to go near to your crush. Open your Facebook mobile app and enable “Nearby friends” in settings, If your crush has also enabled this feature then you can find them easily. It will automatically notifies you if they are active in facebook.

Tips: Go to More–> Nearyby Places –> again tap on Nearby Places and click on Nearby to find all nearby facebook stuffs.

find friends

Google your Crush:

Google indexes automatically all the pages on web, So if you are having your crush photo, Just put it in Google image search. If your crush had uploaded his / her photo in facebook it will display in search result then you can find them easily.

Use Web searches to Find:

Use some web tools to find crush like


There might be many reason for your crush to deactivate or couldn’t use facebook so it’s better to search for them on web.

Don’t try only in Facebook

If you are tried of searching your crush in facebook, Then try other Social Networks like Google+ , Twitter where your crush might be active. If you find your crush one Google+ then try to get their email id then search them in facebook.



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