Store Large Data in Minimum Memory

Memory is one of the main problem while working in computer, If the Memory in the Hard Disk is full the problem arises. Because High memory usage makes the computer to work slow. Non of us like it to happen. To get relief from this problem, We have to Delete some files to free up the Space. In some situations we are forced to delete some important files. For this problem, We won’t need to buy 1 Terabyte of Hard Disk. We can use our own Hard Disk as 1 Terabyte. Do you think is this possible? Yes it is possible by Compressing the files. Its not Joke, You can Compress a 10 GB file into 10 MB. Compressing all important files with large data storage helps us to save memory in our computer. This article will explain clearly Store Large Data in Minimum Memory.

KGB Archiver:-

             KGB Archiver helps us to use our Normal Hard Disk as one Terabyte Hard Disk, Its a free and open source software, It was Licensed by GNU General Public License.   KGB is like 7zip or WinRar. KGB Archiver  uses AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption, Which is the one of the best Encryption in the world which can compress a Maximum large data of files into a Minimum Data Level. But This Archiver is with a drawback. The Main Drawback in this Archiver is it needs 1.5 GHz Processor and 256MB of RAM. It will take More time to Compress the files. The Advantages with KGB is, It can create Self Extracting Archives and it supports zip and .kgb files.

Download KGB

Download and Install KGB Archiver, Save the Memory Storage of the computer and Make it to work fast.

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