Speed Breakers for Windows

Windows is a most common Operating System in Many Computers in the World. The main Concept of Windows is to access all the Hardware and Software in the computer. In MS-Dos, Particular task only can be performed at a time. It can do Single Task only. Then Multitasking Operating System by the help of Graphics Interface was introduced. By using this, A user can perform more than one task in the computer. And also user can Add Many external Hardware’s  This Graphics Interface gives us some problems, That makes the computer to work Slowly. Here are some speed breakers for windows.


An Operating System can Handle number of Hardware and Software programs. To access each programs, Operating System Collects Data and stores in it. While Uninstalling or Closing these programs, Many unwanted files will be stored in computer itself and it occupies many spaces. This will slow down the speed of the computer. To avoid this situation, Temporary files should be deleted.

Delete Temporary Files:

To Delete Temporary Files, Go to Run->%temp%->Select all the files and Delete  it.

Splitting of Disk Space:

While copying a file to a computer, The computer will write the data Continuously  And it won’t leave any spaces. When Deleting that file from the Computer, Another file will occupy the same Space. And if there is not enough space. One part of the file will be copied in a Drive and Another Part will be in another drive. When a user try to access the file, Computer will take more time to read it, Because one part of the file is in a Drive and another part is in another drive.
The Solution for this problem is Defragmentation. Defragmenting the computer will rearrange all the files in the Hard Disk and Make it work more Effectively.

How to Defragment the Computer:

Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories->System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter -> Defragment Now
It will Take some time to Process. It won’t affect the Task of Computer.

RAM  Memory:

Random Access Memory is used to Save Datum Temporarily to run a file. While running more than one files there may be the chances of Lack of RAM Memory. VMM (Virtual Memory Manager) will scan for the Space in RAM Memory to run Programs. If there is not Enough Space in RAM, it will run the Programs as Swap Files in the Hard Disk. This will make the computer slow. Because while running a program in Hard Drive it will take more time to read it. So to get out of this Problem, Use High Memory RAM or Don’t Run Many Programs at a same time.

Hard Disk Memory:

Temporary Datum of a computer will be save in Hard Drive only. If there is not Enough Space in the Hard Drive to save these files, Computer cannot perform any tasks and it will make the computer to work slowly.


It is a short form of Malicious Software. It is simply Called as Virus. Virus will reduce the Efficiency of the computer and make it to work slowly. Virus can also Change the settings of the computer without the user permission.

Hardware Problems:

There are many External reasons for the loose of speed in computer. Hardware problems are very Hard to Identify. The main Hardware problems are

1) Heat:

All the Hardware components in the computer should be very Cool. Over Heat of Hardware components will also make the computer to work slowly.

2) Graphics Card:

Graphics of the computer uses more RAM Memory, Low RAM Memory will make the computer to work Slowly. So it is better to install Graphics Card Externally.

There are many other problems which makes the computer to work slowly. By reducing the Above problems will make the Computer to be free from many other problems. Everyone wants their computer to work Speedily. For a Good result Everyone should maintain it properly.

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