How to set Picture Password in Windows 8

Computer users uses password to get login into their account. This is a very old method to get login into an account. All services like gmail, facebook, twitter uses same method to get into an account. This seems to be a little boring one so for a change android brings pattern unlock for mobile and tablets. This pattern unlock can also set in computer also, click here to know more about setting pattern unlock in computer. To set pattern unlock in windows XP or windows 7 we need software but in windows 8 as a alternate of pattern unlock there is a new way of logging into account. That is names as picture password. In windows 8 we can use a picture to get into our account this article will explain how to set picture password in windows 8.

windows 8 login password

Picture Password

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How to set Picture Password in Windows 8:

To set picture password in your windows 8 operating system

  • Open search by taking the mouse top right side and click on search icon

Picture password

  • Select settings and search for “Picture Password” and click on “Create or change picture password

picture password

  •  You will get a window as shown in the picture, Click on “Create a picture password

picture password

  • It will ask your current password for confirmation
  • Then choose a picture to be use to unlock your account
  • Draw three small circles anywhere in that picture

picture password

  • Remember the direction of the circle you drawn and repeat the same for the second time
  • Finally click on “Finish” button
  • Now your new password is saved and windows will shows the picture when you try to login into your account
  • If you forgot the pattern you can also get into your account by using the password

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Get some changes, Come out of the password and try to use picture password. If you are not a windows 8 user, don’t feel you can set pattern unlock in your windows XP or windows 7  by using software. Feel the change and if you found any troubles to set picture password comment it. We will give proper solution to rectify it.

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