Protect Pen-drive from Virus

Universal Serial Bus USB is a data storage Device that is used to transfer data from one Place to another. It was invented on 1999, It has reached a great development, Starting From 4GB USB Drives There is One Terabyte Pen-drives. It includes Flash Memory. These are usually small in size and they are  Read and Writable.
The only problem with the Pen-drive’s or any other USB Drive’s is VIRUS. Most of the Pen-drives has been affected by Viruses When they are Plugin to another System. And also it Easily Transfers Virus to the system without our Knowledge. There are many types of Computer Virus like Autorun.inf, new folder.exe, bha.vbs, ravmon.exe, etc., To Protect Pen-drive and Computer We should be aware of Virus.


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Protect Pen-drive from Virus:

To Protect your computer from Virus you may use Anti-Virus. But this may not delete all the Virus. You have to Format the computer fully, So only Virus will be fully removed from the Computer. While Inserting Pen-drive. You may scan the drive using Anti-Virus. But it may not show all the Virus and Clear the Virus. You have to format your Pen-drive. Suppose if there is any important Document you can use the Below Methods to remove Virus only.
1) Delete the Virus in the Pen-drive

2) Protect the Pen-drive from Being Affected by the Virus

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How to Delete Virus:

If your pen-drive is affected by Virus, Don’t Panic, You can Delete it.

1) Go to Run -> Type cmd, This will Open Command Prompt

2) Enter the Path of your USB Drive or Pen-drive in the Command Prompt and hit enter (For Example “G:”)

3) Type dir/w/o/a/p and hit Enter. This will let you to see the files in the Drive.

4) If you Found the File name as, newfolder.exe, bha.vbs, ravmon.exe,  mntdrcore.exe, rvhost.exe etc., Command [attrib -h -r -s -a*.* ] in the command Prompt and hit enter.

5) Now you can Delete the Virus by using the command “del filename” For Example del rvhost.exe

6) Now You Pen-drive is safe from Virus.
This Method is useful if you found less than 10 Virus in your Pen-drive. Suppose if there is More than 50 Viruses. Its Very Hard to Delete the Virus in this method. It is better to format your Pen-drive
Protect Pen-drive from Virus:

To Protect the Pen-drive from being affected by Virus there are Many Software’s.

1) USB Write Protector

2) Panda USB Vaccination Tool

3) USB Guardian

1) USB Write Protector:

USB Write Protector Will Protect the pen-drive from Writing any file in it. It will allow only to read. This will Protect Pen-drive from the Virus. When you Plugin your Pen-drive to another computer there is many chances for Virus to Enter into your Drive. So if you had Installed this Software it will allow only to Read the Drive. So Viruses Can’t Enter into the Drive.

It is very easy to Handle this Software, It doesn’t need any installation. It can directly run from the location. On running this Program it will ask for “Enable Write Protection” Or “Disable Write Protection”
By Selecting the required option, we can work with it.

Download: USB Write Protector
2) Panda USB Vaccination Tool:

This Program automatically Disable the autorun Function in your computer and also it will add a autorun.inf file of its own. This File can not be read or delete or Modify. This will disable the autorun.inf Virus to be modify and your computer will be safe from autorun.inf Virus.
Download: Panda USB Vaccination Tool

3) USB Guardian:

This Program helps to Safely Transfer Data’s from the Pen-drive to Computer. and it Won’t allow any Virus to Transfer. It is a Clean and simple interface. It also Blocks any Program to be automatically Execute. and Separates the autorun directives in the Pen-drive. and also it automatically Check for autorun.inf Virus. If it found it. It will automatically Block the File. We can not Access any other Programs from Locked files. But by using USB Guardian Program, You can unlock any locked Files.
Download: USB Guardian

Protect Computer from Pen-Drive Virus:

The computer will also affect by Virus when you Plugin a Pen-drive. Though you use Anti-Virus, There many Chances for Virus to affect computer. To over come this problem, There is a freeware know USB Firewall.

USB Firewall:

It will run automatically when a Removable Drive is inserted and scan for Threats. and It Blocks the files to access automatically and also it will scan for Virus. If it found any autorun.inf files it will delete it.
Download: USB Firewall
Protect your System and Pen-drive from Virus, and feel good in handling it.

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