Operate Computer Using Mobile Phone

Computer is the only place where we can save our important documents and files. In office we all are dumped with Computers, Suppose if you forget to Shutdown the computer in office, you won’t feel well, because any one could see your computer and change the data. You don’t need to go back to your office to shutdown it, You can shutdown using your mobile itself or computer in your home. Suppose when you are working on Computer you got to go immediately. You don’t need to cancel all the process or any downloads to shutdown, You can Shutdown it by on the way to your work after the download or any other process Completes. Not only for this purpose, You can also Remote Control your PC. This article explains how to Operate Computer Using Mobile Phone
                Though there are many software’s for this purpose, Tweet My PC is a better one, because many operations Like Shutdown, To Download anything, Taking Screenshot, and many processes  can be performed using Tweet My PC.

How Does It works:

·         Tweet My PC works silently and check for your updates in the twitter for Ever Minute, If it found any command for it, It will access it. Tweet My PC needs your Gmail Account to perform, Twitter account is for to get Commands and This app will send a mail to your Gmail account on under Which Command it is Working. It is advised to create a new Twitter account for this purpose, Because you can give command to it by updating your status, So many of your friends could see it. For better security, protect the status of this account.

How to Protect Status:

·         Login into your Twitter account Which you want to use for this purpose
·          Go to Setting -> Tick on “Protect My Updates”

Things to Do:

1)      Download Tweet My PC and Install it
2)      Open Tweet My PC and Login with your twitter and Gmail account
Now Tweet My PC is ready to Get Commands.

How to Give Commands:

There are many Ways to Send Command for Tweet My PC
·         SMS, IM, Email, or Through Twitter Status.

Command Using SMS:


If you are in India, Canada, US, Sweden, New Zeeland, Germany, or in UK you can tweet the Twitter via SMS, So that status will be updated and the Command will be performed.

Command using Email:


                Enable Posterous in your Twitter Account, and emails that you Send to twitter@posterous.com will automatically updated as status in your Twitter account.

Command using IM:


                In your Google Talk Buddies, Add twitter@twitter.com, Then you can Give commands using IM

Command using Twitter:


                As a normal Status update in twitter, You can give commands to Tweet My PC by updating commands in your Twitter account.


                Commands using to operate Tweet My PC are very simple
To shutdown: shutdown
To Logoff: logoff
To Reboot: reboot
To Lock: lock
To Standby: standby
To Hibernate: hibernate

Awesome Features:

Download: (Command:download)


                If you want to download any important files in your office, You can download it from home itself, and it will be downloaded, the command for this purpose is: download
 for Example: download http://cybertwitt/download
Update this command in your twitter status, and the file you need to download will starts to download automatically.

Screenshot: (Command:screenshot)


                It is the one of the Most Awesome feature of Tweet My PC, This command will take screenshot of your PC and tweet the screenshot image in your twitter updates. So that if you are not around in your Computer, You can see what is happening in your PC.

Task Manager: (Command:getprocesslist)


                This command is as Task Manager, It will Show all the programs that currently running on your computer with their process ID, You can also end any Programs by using the command:kill

Get file path: (Command: getfile)


                This command will Email full page of the file path which you selected, So that you can see any files of your Office computer from your home. If you don’t know the file name then command:getfilelist, This will mail your all the files in that folder so you can easily access it from your home or where you want it.
Tweet My PC is a best one for remote Controlling Computer from any place. This will be very much help full for those who are using computers in their office.

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