Why One Should Not Buy MAC

Now a day’s MAC is getting more popular rather than we expected. We all know that the cost the MAC is higher while compare with PC’s. But still People are buying that. Some of the people who uses MAC told that they prefer MAC because the MAC is pre-installed with the MAC OS. Yeah, It’s really a great one, but don’t forget OSX is a modified version of Linux. Some of the other people choose it because of the appearance of MAC. Yes, I will agree with this point. The appearance of MAC looks too good and Stylish. But for that reason, people need to buy the MAC for more Expensive?? Now, you may also start thinking about this and at the end of this article, you may think that my thought of “Why One Should Not Buy MAC” is right. Let’s we see about my view of “Why One Should Not Buy MAC” one by one below.

why one should not buy mac

Why One Should Not Buy MAC:

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The price for a single MAC is $3,299.00. Do you think that MAC is worth for this price? MY Opinion is that by using that money, people can purchase the Fastest PC’s which is available in market. But surely there will be a reason for this price. Apple may also pack some serious hardware in MAC to justify the price. Let we see below whether is there any super facilities was involved in MAC below.


Two Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processors are used in this MAC. By Using this processors, the Sounds may be effective. But the cost of one of the Intel Xeon processor is just over $500. To upgrade the processor from 2.26GHz to 2.66GHz which increases 400MHz only, the user should pay the price of $1400.00. If the user needs to upgrade the processor from 2.26GHz to 2.93GHz, the user should add $2,600.00.


In memory area of MAC, “6GB” is made as default. If we want to extend that from 6GB to 8GB, then we need to pay $100.00 which is too much charging for extending only 2GB. Like that if the user wants to extend the MAC memory, the payment also gets increases depends on the memory size upgrade.

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RAID Card:

In MAC the RAID card is set as “None”. But if the user willing to enhance the data security and storage performance by just configuring their system with MAC Pro RAID card, then the user need to pay $700.00 which is displayed in option. But the truth is, the Current highest rated RAID card is just $300.00 in Newegg.com. We can also buy RAID card cheaply around $100.00.

Hard Drive:

In MAC there is an option of including 4 hard Drive bays in it. It offers 8 terabytes for the data storage and to increase the performance of MAC. We can configure hard Drive’s separately in MAC. If the user need to Configure 640GB HDD, then he needs to pay $200.00 which is 31 cents per Gigabytes. But in Newengg.com, the same memory of 640GB (Western Digital Caviar Black) is at the cost of just $75 which is only 12 cents per Gigabytes. If the user need to configure 1TB, Apple ask $300 for 1TB Drive while the Western Digital Caviar Black ask only $95 for the same 1TB Drive. Apple asks $550 for 2TB drive while the Digital Caviar Black asks only $180 for the same 2TB Drive with same specifications which are too less than Apple $370.


As it is an apple product, Nothing is cheap and free in MAC. Even for a simple software one have to pay huge amount to get all its features. Where as in other operating systems, Most of the software are free and it can be upgraded easily.

Optical Drive:

                 MAC pro contains 18x double layer super drive as default in it which helps to play both CD’s and DVD’s. There is an option of adding a second super drive to streamline disc burning for the cost of $100. But we can find any DVD burner in anywhere for just below $30.

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The matter here is, We can buy highly configured PC rather than buying low configured MAC, Both costs in same range. Upgrade a MAC is not quite easy. After buying the MAC for an expensive cost, we need to upgrade the whole process once again in the MAC after it gets out of dated which makes you more difficult. So think intelligent and take the decisions.


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