Make pendrive bootable without using any software

In this generation, like Floppy the Age of CD’s is also gonna to see its end, Because Pendrive’s has overruled   the CD’s, Pendirves are small and easy to handle. To install an OS we have to get CD for it. But now a days We can Install by Pendrive itself. We can do this by making pendrive as bootable without using any software. I have already told about how to make pendrive bootable using a software. Suppose if you don’t have that software but you have to make a pendrive as bootable, Don’t worry, You can done this in your own computer itself without using any software.

Make pendrive bootable

How to make Boot-able pendrive without using any Software:

1) ->  Open Commend Prompt and type cmd in run

2) ->  Press “Windows Button + R” (It will open run in Pop up Windows) and then type “cd” and hit enter,

3) ->  Insert Pendrive and type “disk part” in command Prompt, It will open a new Window

4) -> Then type “list disk” in the disk part Window, This will show removable hard disk, It won’t show path or name of Pendrive, You have to select the pendrive by identifying its size. (minimum 4GB pendrive is required)

5) -> Type which disk is your pedrive is, For example “select disk 1″

6) -> To ensure that’s your pendrive, type “details disk”  it will show you about pendrive details, Check its   size to ensure

7)  ->Type “clean” to clean the drive

8) -> Now to create Partition, Type “create partition primary”

9) -> Type “select partition 1″ to select partition for the Pendrive

10) -> “format fs=ntfs” It will take some time to format the drive

11) -> Type “active” and hit enter, then type “assing” and finally type “exit”

The task is completed, The pendrive is Bootable, Now copy the OS file to the pendrive and then boot the system with it. The OS file should be an image file.

Making a pendrive Bootable with using software is very easy, To know how click here

To change back to normal, Just format the pendrive. or Go to command prompt and type “format: drive letter”

Even though after formatting you didn’t get back to normal, Right click My computer -> Manage -> Disk Management -> Right click  on USB drive -> Delete Volume -> Right Click -> Format Volume.

Now surely you will get back your pendrive to normal.

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