Install OS Using PENDRIVE

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Now a days, We are started to use pendrive for all purpose, and avoiding CD. and also use to install OS by Pendrive. Many of us yet didn’t know how to install OS using pendrive. Let me tell about it.
Installing OS Using pendrive is a very easy task. Just you have to Make the pendrive boot-able then copy the OS whole setup to the pendrive. then it is easy to Install it in your computer by pendrive.

How to Make Pen-drive as a Boot-able device:

1) First Ensure that you have a proper OS without any file missing or damaged files

2) If you have OS  in file format, Than follow the steps as given.

3) Convert the file format into any image format, so only you can make it as boo-table.
( You can convert the file to image format using ISO software. To get ISO software click here
or check this link)

4) Install the power ISO and then Open it, Click select Folder-> Select Directory Where you having OS

5) Click Select Output option, There you have to select any disk where you want to save the converted file. then Click Generate ISO, Now it is converted to ISO image.

6) Click the tools option in the Power ISO then select Create Boot-able USB drive, Now you get a new window there you have to select the USB drive. then click start to make the drive as boot-able.

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