How to Record Video Calls in Skype

Skype is well known for video calling. It connects the distance relation easily through computer. Though there are many other video calling service most of the people uses skype, because the user interface for skype is very easy and the its available freely in market. Chatting with our distance relation will make us more happy, when the conversion is end we will feel sad. But if the conversion is recorded it would be more useful. When we miss them we can see their old video calls. Though there are many features in skype there is no options for recording the chat conversation of video or audio because of some privacy maintenance. But we can break this privacy maintenance using a freeware. This article shows how to Record Video Calls in Skype

How to record video calls:

There is a freeware to record the skype video calls, The freeware is named as “Free Video Call Recorder for Skype”. This freeware is without any limitations, it can be used freely. The user interface is very easy, Just have to select the output folder and just press “start” button, it will start to record the conversation. The Free video call recorder for skype is with some good features like,
It can record: 

  • Video and Audio conversation of both side
  • Only Audio conversation of both side
  • Video from other side
This feature made the users to record as what they wish.

Download Link:

There is a “Pause” button, If you don’t want to record some conversations, just press the pause button, it will stop recording and by again pressing the start button, it will starts to record. It gives high quality video and audio output. It gives the video output in MP4 format and audio in MP3 format. This freeware is with live broadcast recording feature. There is no Adware in this software and also it works even in low processor. So it can be said that it is 100% beneficial and does not harm the computer.


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