[How to] Maintain Computer

[How to] Maintain Computer: Computer is a most important one for today life, Without computer there won’t be anything good. Our PC helps us to Store many Data and to do many Tasks. Its has been a part of our life. Every one wants their computer to work fast, But no one in maintaining their computer in a proper way. Maintaining the Computer is an important task. Because Computers are programmed to perform the commands what we give, They don’t have self thinking Capacity to maintain themself. This article will provide you necessary information to maintain your computer.


How to Maintain Computer:

1) Remove Temporary Files:

Temporary files are created by the computer automatically for storing information when a program is running. After the Program is closed it won’t be deleted. It won’t be use again and it will occupy lots of space. So its better to remove from the computer by permanently deleting it. That is from Recyle bin also.
To Get Temporary File: Go to run-> type %temp% and hit enter. You will get a new window select all and press Shift+Delete.

This is a very easy Method, But if you don’t like this, Just install C Cleaner and run it. C Cleaner will do this work.

2) Antivirus:

Antivirus is a important one for computer to protect from Virus. Installing Antivirus is not Enough, If the system is connected to the Internet,  Antivirus Should update Regularly. It will just take few time.

3) Disk-space:

Do not fill the Hard Disk Drives this will slow your Computer, Always free up with atleast 5GB of Space. Delete the unwanted Downloaded Files.
4) Uninstall:
Uninstall all the unwanted programs from the computer, But if won’t remove all the files from the computer. So Revouninstaller to uninstall the programs, This will remove all the files from the computer to be uninstall. Get revouninstaller at:  http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html

5) C Cleaner:

Install C Cleaner in your Computer, This will be very much helpful on removing unwanted datum from the Computer.
Get C Cleaner in this Link: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

6) Defrag the Computer:

Derangement is a process of Optimizing the Disk. Adding and removing files to the Hard disk is a common one. But When bunch of small files are deleted and a Large file is added it will stored in hard disk as a bunch of small files only, But computer will read it as a Single file. This will make the Computer a little bit slow. So to overcome this problem, Defragment is a good way. All windows computer is with Defragement tool. Go to My Computer->Select a Hard Disk Drive->Right Click->Properties-> Tools->Defragement. Select it and Defrag your computer.

7) Unwanted Programs:

Don’t install unwanted programs like Speed up my Pc or any other programs. Its waste, No External programs are needed to maintain your PC.

8) Backup:-

Computers are with many important Datum, So Taking Backup will help in some critical Situations like Hard Disk Crash. Taking Backup and Saving it as an image file in a CD will help you a lot.

Maintaining the Computer is not a Big Task, It a very simple one. Daily we are spending lots of time in computer. If we take some time to Maintain it the computer will be good for long years.

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