How to install 64 bit OS on 32 bit OS

Install 64 bit OS on 32 bit OS: Its very easy to install a new 64 bit OS in a old 64 bit OS machine or to install a new 32 bit OS in old 32 bit OS machine. There would  be no problem we can simply upgrade from a 64 bit old OS to a 64 bit new version. But the problem arise when we try to install 64 bit OS in a 32 bit OS installed machine. Recently Microsoft unveiled its latest Windows Operating System Windows 8.1. Many Windows 8 users easily upgrade to windows 8.1 as the bit that they are using previously. Suppose you are a windows 8 32 Bit user and you want to install windows 8.1 64 bit in your 64 bit system. You cannot directly upgrade from 32 bit OS to 64 bit OS. The only way to install 64 bit OS on 32 bit OS is by booting only. You have to format ‘C’ drive to do this. Your machine must be a x 64-Bit based processor to Install a 64 bit operating system and it is impossible to install 64 bit operating system in a 32 bit computer but you can install 32 bit OS in a 64 bit machine.

install 64 OS in 32 bit OS



How to Find 32 bit or 64 bit:

To check whether your machine is a 32 bit processor or 64 bit processor Right click “My Computer” and select “Properties” Under System check the System Type

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Why to Install 64 Bit OS on 32 bit OS :

This question arise on every one mind when they try to change their 32 bit OS to 64 bit OS. Both 32 bit and 64 bit refers to the process of the computer. If you are having a 64 bit machine but using 32 bit OS, You are using only half efficiency of the machine only. By changing from 32 bit OS to 62 bit you can see your computer working faster. If you are using high configuration software’s like Photoshop or playing high configuration game surely you need a 64 bit machine and also 64 bit OS installed in it to work faster. There is no use of working with high configuration software in a 32 bit Operating system in a 64 bit machine. If you are one of them, It is better to change to 64 bit OS for a better efficiency and good result for computer. This article explains How to install 64 bit OS on 32 bit OS

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How to install 64 bit OS in 32 bit OS:

To install 64 bit OS on 32 bit OS you should boot your machine. If you have 64 bit Operating system setup in CD you can boot it by simply inserting the CD  in CD drive. Take a backup of all important files before installing the OS. Suppose if you  don’t have any CD then you can install using pendrive by making it bootable. Download the needed OS from the internet. It is better to download the OS in ISO format. If you don’t have the OS in IOS format convert the file into ISO format. And make your pendrive as bootable. Follow the 6th step in this link to make pendrive bootable.

Important Process:

  1. Here the real work begins, After making pendrive as bootable device follow the below steps.
  2. Insert the Pendrive and Restart your computer
  3. Press either F2 or F8 or Delete button to get BIOS menu (Press the keys before the OS loads)
  4. The BIOS Menu changes on different machines, You can see any one of the following terms “Advanced Setup” or “Boot options” or “Featured setup”
  5. Move the cursor over it and Hit enter
  6. Go to advance setup and select 1st boot device then select any one of the following USB drives  “USB ZIP” or “USB FDD” or “USB HDD “
  7. If the USB ZIP doesn’t work then try USB FDD by restarting the computer again as same as for USB HDD
  8. Select any one and they reboot the device

Simply Enter into BIOS Menu  –> Boot order (“Advanced Setup” or “Boot options” or “Featured setup”) –> 1st Boot Device –> USB Drives ( “USB ZIP” or “USB FDD” or “USB HDD “) –> Boot PC

Its all done, Now you can see the installation screen of new operating system. Copy the KEY for the OS in your mobile or any other note. While installing OS it will as the KEY.

If you are stucked with any steps or any doubts comment it below, We will give proper solution to rectify it.

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