How to increase Laptop Battery life

Laptop has become a good friend for every user. Specially for students, Laptop is used to learn many things easily and newly. For Office workers, Laptop makes their work easy. Like this many people are using Laptop for their convenient. All Laptop users will prize it as they used it. When the battery of the lap is down everyone will starts to blame it. Suddenly they will search for a plug point to charge it. When the batter is again full, They will again prize it. What will happen if a lap is suddenly shut down due to low battery power when you are presenting a paper. You cannot do anything at that time. But Maintaining the lap battery properly will surely increase the lifetime of the lap. This article will give you some tips to increase Laptop Battery life.

How to increase the lifetime of laptop battery:

Use in Charge Mode:

The lap should be used by connecting the charge plug to the powerpoint. Because using the lap in full charge mode will increase the lifetime of the battery. Use it like a PC by always connecting it in powerpoint. Nowadays Lithium Ions Battery is used in laptop which do not affect by overheat of the lap and also it will automatically stop taking current when the battery is full. So by using the lap in charge mode will increase the lifetime of the battery.

Dim the Display:

Do not set the brightness of the lap high. This will consume more power and decrease the lifetime of the lap. Nowadays, LED backlights are used in the screen of the laptop as in a PC which consumes less power. In earlier CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube) is used which consumes more power. Brightness of the screen plays a vital role in consuming power. Do not use the laptop in a bright environment. To save the power of the lap use the backlight control tool in Windows. To Enable it go to Control Panel -> Hardware and sound -> Power Options -> Active power plan -> Change plan settings -> Dim the display and also select Turn off the display in a particular time. This will save more battery power which in turns increase the battery life.

Unwanted Applications:

Running unwanted Applications or programs makes the processor to work more which will consumes more power. And also crashed programs and applications will also makes the processor to consume more power. Unwanted Extensions in the browser is also comes under unwanted programs . Because this will harm the script engine of the browser. Modern CPU’s are designed to work in low clock speed automatically. But they can perform this task when there is no unwanted programs. To stop the unwanted programs running in your lap, Just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, This will let to Task Manager. This will show the details of running programs and also can stop it.

Background Programs:

While laptop is running in uncharged condition, It is better to stop all the background Programs. Disconnect the internet connection if it is not needed. Because when the lap is connected to the internet connection, it will search of latest updates of many programs which makes the processor to work more, Which in-turns consumes more power.

Remove unwanted Devices:

Remove the unwanted devices that are plugged-in in the lap. Like modem, Wifi, Bluetooth etc., By connecting mobile phones with computer will also consumes power, Because phone will automatically starts charging using laptop battery power.

The above tips are very simple tips to increase the lifetime of the battery. Sudden down of the battery will make more problems and distracts our daily work in computer. Laptop is a most secured computer. Maintaining a lap does not only means about software. Its about hardware also. Maintain the battery of the lap and use the lap effectively. If you are having any other suggestions to save the batter life, Please comment it.

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