How to crack a software

There are millions of softwares for computer applications but only limited number of softwares are freeware other softwares are of trial versions for 10 days or 30 days. Mostly trial versions are for a month. After the end of train version of a software we may feel difficult to work in computer without the software. If we are in indeed the need of the software we may buy it with cost but according to a research many trail users of a software would not buy the software with cost, instead they download it again or try to it free of cost. If your are a person trying to crack a software free of cost, then you are in right place. This article will explain how to crack a software free of cost and work with the free trial version for lifetime.

How to crack a software

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How to crack a software:

The free trial versions are programmed to enter time and date of installation in system registry and after the date of free trial version it will be disabled automatically or asks for crack key by using current. To lock the software it takes system’s current date and time. So by giving wrong date and time to the software we can use trial version for lifetime. Doing this process manually is little hard but there are many softwares for this purpose.RunAsDate is a perfect one for this process and helps us to work with free trial for life time.

How does it works:

While running a free trial software RunAsDate enters into the kernel API calls which is used by the system to show current date and time. It changes the date and time for that software alone and always gives the date and time before the free trial period of the software, which makes the software to be always running.  RunAsDate won’t change the system’s date and time, it just change the software date and time.

Download Link:

For 32Bit users:
For x64Bit users:

How to work with RunAsDate:

  • After installing RunAsDate in your system
  • Now ready to install the trial version software
  • Note the current date and time of the system while installing the trial version software
  • Now open RunAsDate and enter the expiry date of trial version ( Enter prior date to the expiry date)

You are done, Now always run the trial version software with RunAsDate and you can use it freely for lifetime. You have to always RunAsDate software while running the free trail version software. If you missed to run the RunAsDate, then it won’t works. But the software providers always providing the free trial with some restriction so using a trial version won’t fulfill our needs.

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