How to copy more than a File / Content

Computers are using for Various Purpose. In Computer several tasks can be done at a same time. But At a time only one file or Content can be Copied from a place and can be Paste it in another place. This could be a little problem for some stuffs. While Copying a content or file, It will be saved in Temporary Memory of the Computer. When Copying another Content, The already saved Content or file will be Erased from the Memory automatically. So for those who wants to copy more than a content or object, There is an freeware. This article shows how to copy more than a File / Content.

 How to copy more than a File or Content:

Winklipper is a freeware used to copy more than a file or content. There is no need of any installation for this program, We just have to download a ZIP file and to RUN it. This Program will save the all copied contents or files, and store it in its memory in the Tray.
When we run this program, It will automatically opened in Tray and starts to save all the copied contents or files. By right clicking the Winklipper Icon in the tray we can get all the Copied Contents or Files as we copied, and by selecting a content or file that we have to Paste, The selected file or content will move to the Clipboard of the computer.
Its a very simple process and it is very useful one. We can also manage the number of copied contents or files to be saved in winklipper memory. Its limit is 30, That is only 30 copied contents can be saved in its memory.
To Manage the number of copied contents, Right click the winklipper icon in the tray and select Preferences.

Download Link:

It is supported only in Windows Operating System. A easiest way to copy more than a file or content can be done by Winklipper. Download Winklipper and use it in need.

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