Pen drive virus – copy files without virus

Pen drive virus always gives problems. Pen drive is the online device which helps to transfer files and also to take backup. To transfer a file we have to plugin the pendrive in another computer which may affected by virus. When your pen drive is plugged into a computer which was affected by virus, surely your pen drive will also affect by the virus. You can use antivirus to clear it, but it won’t remove the virus completely from the pen drive. The only way to remove the virus from the pen drive is formatting the pendrive. But by formatting the pen drive you may lose important files. So before formatting the pendrive you have to copy the files and transfer to local disk. If you open the removable hard disk folder surely the virus will affect your computer. There is nothing to worry you can copy the files from the pendrive without virus by using command prompt which does not allows the virus in computer. So it is a best way to copy the files from pendrive with virus to computer without making the computer to be affected by virus. This article will help you to copy files from pen drive and also to delete virus in pen drive. This will help to protect PC from pen drive virus.

pen drive virus


Copy files without virus:-

To copy the files from pen drive without virus, first we have to perform two tasks

  1. Delete the virus in the folder
  2. copy the files

Pen drive virus:-How to delete virus using command Prompt:

To protect your pc from pen drive virus you can copy all the files using command prompt and format it.  But sometimes there is a chance for virus inside any folder in pen drive. So before copying the files it is better the look all the files in the pen drive and if virus found inside any folder you can delete it using command prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt and type the removable hard disk driver name. for example H:
  • “ATTRIB” is the best tool to check virus in any removable hard disk and also in flash drives
  • In the command prompt type  “H: attrib”  and hit enter this will shows files and viruses in the pendrive. It is easy to identify virus in pendrive
  • Then type “attrib -s -h -r virus name” If the name of the virus is autorun.inf type “attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf” and hit enter this will makes the file as accessible in command prompt
  • If there is no more attributes in autorun.inf file you can delete it by using the command “del autorun.inf” Replace the autorun.inf file by your virus name

If you get any error as the file is using by some other application, Open task manager and stop that application.

Pen drive virus:-How to copy file using command prompt:

After deleting the virus from the folder in removable hard disk now you can copy the folder to your local disk using command prompt.

Open command prompt and type the removable hard disk driver name. For example H:

Then type “copy H:File or Folder name D:”  (D: is the destination folder in which you want to copy the files)

For Example  H:cybertwitt.JPG D: 

To copy all the files in a folder type the folder path in command prompt for example: H:Folder name hit enter then type “*.*(space) D:” (D is destination folder)

You all done. Now the file is copied to your local drive without virus.

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