Hide files in an image

We are living in an insecure world, There is no guarantee for anything in this world, Any thing could happen. Any one can Hack your Computer, and may stole your important files. Where ever you save your file in your computer, It can be easily Hacked by the hackers and they may stole it. To overcome this problem you may have that file in your Pendrive, Suppose it is attacked by Virus, Then Hole thing will be spoiled, So it is secure to save the file in your Computer itself but in a safe place. To keep your file safely, You can hide that file in an image. This article will explain how to Hide a file or many files in an image.

How to Hide Files in an Image:

To hide files in an image, You Need WinZip or WinRar, and then a JPG image file to hide. By using command prompt, You can Hide the Files. Follow the steps to hide files in an image.

  • Select all the files which you want to hide and compress it using Winzip or WinRar
  • Put the compressed file and a image in a new folder, Eg: C:hide, Create new folder in “C” Hard Drive
  • Now open Command Prompt (to open Command Prompt: Run->cmd->Hit Enter)
  • In the Command Prompt type cd to go to directory
  • then type “cd hide” (Type the file name where you stored the Compressed file and Image)
  • Now type: “copy /b imagename.JPG + filename.rar imagename.jpg” and hit Enter (It is better to copy the command and paste it in your command prompt, Because all the spaces between letters are considered, If you didn’t leave a space where it is necessary, The command will not process)
  • (Suppose if the image name is cyber.jpg and compressed file name is twitt.zip then type as “copy /b cyber.JPG + twitt.rar cyber.jpg”)
  • You will get a notification as 1 file(s) copied
  • Now check the size of the image file, It has increased.

How to View the Hidden Files:

To view the Hidden Files just open the image in WinZip or in WinRar in which extension you have saved the file then Extract it.


Hide your files safely in an image and Keep it Securely.

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