Google launches more Chrome devices in India

We already know that GOOGLE FIBER Will LAUNCH IN INDIA VERY SOON. And now Google launches more Chrome devices in India. By this launch, Indian peoples can clearly notice that Google targets India to launch most of their product which is very good news for them. In New Delhi (Capital of India), Google launches some of the chrome devices like Chromebooks and Chromebox on May 15, 2015. This launch of chrome devices in India is fully a target on education and business purpose.  Do you know what is meant by Chromebooks and Chromebox? If you don’t know means don’t worry, we will see about it.

A laptop which runs in Chrome OS as its operating system named as Chromebooks. This Chromebooks are basically designed to be used basically when it is connected to the Internet, connected with most applications and the data residing “in the cloud”. This Chromebooks can be good example for thin client (no hard drive). Likewise the Chromebooks, a system (personal computer) which runs in Google Chrome OS as its operating system named as Chromebox. Lets we see what Smith Hashim (Global Product Manager) says at the event of Google launches more chrome devices in India.

Google launches more Chrome devices in India

At this launch of Google Chrome devices in India, Smita Hashim (Global Product Manager) says that “The Chromebook was launched in India a year ago. Now we are launching three new Chromebooks”.  The Chromebooks which was launched on May 15, 2015 target Schools for Education Purpose and the Chromebox targets business people.

Google launches Chrome devices in India


The Chromebooks from Xolo and Nexian is now available in Amazon and Snapdeal at the rate of Rs. 12,999. People also have the facility to pre-order those two Chromebooks which is open on May 15, 2015. And Smita Hashim assures that “There will be more Chromebooks in the coming months from ASUS and Samsung”.

Google launches Chrome devices in India

Pilot projects have been done by the company to view the adaptability of Chromebooks in Indian schools which was mentioned by the Smith Hashim in the Launch.


Smita also explained the reason why those Chromebooks target Schools is that the Chromebooks are very easy to use, the information can share very easily and most importantly it is very easy to manage. Around the world, Chromebooks has proved a big hit with both the teachers and students.

Google launches Chrome devices in India

She also gives the reason why the Chromebox targets business purpose is that the Chromebox (Personal computer runs in Google Chrome OS) will be very useful for Indian business people meetings. The price of the Chromebox is Rs 90,000.


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