Get Back the Missing Folder

Hi Computer Lovers,Got over interest in computer, Did any thing and missed any folder? Its a very common mistake to miss anything in computer and its very hard to search and recover it. Here is a simple trick which make your work very easy to get back the missing folder from your computer. Its very easy to recover. Computer is really our good friend. Its provides all the facilities, But we are not using it in a proper way. Here is a small article that explain how to Get back the missing folder without using any software.

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To Get back the missing Folder Options Just follow the below instructions:

1) Open Run and type “gpedit.msc”

2) Now go to user Configuration -> Administrative Templates-> Windows Component-> Windows Explorer.

3) Click on Windows Explorer you will find the 3rd option on the right side of the screen “Removes the Folder option Menu item from the tools menu”

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Just Check it, If it is not configured then change it to enable by double clicking on it and after applying again set it to not configured

I hopes that you will find the option after restarting Windows. If there is any doubts or any problem on proceeding the above steps just comment it below. We will give proper solution to rectify your problem.

Thanks for reading, Feel free to comment :)

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