Fix Offline Outlook Data File Glitches

For someone who has worked on Exchange server knows the importance of OST files well. The Offline Storage Table files serve as the mirror image of data stored in the EDB database and help users to work in offline conditions. What if this OST files gets corrupted due to unknown reasons? Definitely you will look out for solutions that would enable you to recover the OST files appropriately.

Over the years, Outlook has offered numerous techniques to recover corrupted PST files. However, it has not come up with any such efficient solution to recover corrupted OST files. How about trying a third-party tool to answer your concerns? Well I can recommend you a solution from the cluster of my featured picks and that is OST Recovery Tool. Let’s go through its functionality to assess its performance tuning with our requirements.

Brief Specs of the product

Application Details OST Recovery, Version 4.3
You can download it from the website
Size of the software 16.2 MB
Price $99
Compatible with OS Windows 8.1 & all other earlier versions
Processor Requirement 1 GHZs
Space it occupies in hard-disk 20MB

As a user, you should put all those specs of the OST recovery application in your mind. As these will certainly give you a brief summary about the product.


Installation Process

Whenever I carry out the process of reviewing a software for users, I make a specific attempt to  first deploy the application without essentially reading out its how it works section. This helps in assessing all the technicalities present behind the software. Further, it also helps me in assessing how productive it is from user point of view.

Well the product has no such complexities in installing procedures. It gets installed in minutes. Neither does it prompt you to reboot the system. Thus, it saves your essential time and you can immediately start with the process of recovery.

outlook glitches

Get into the Basics

An OST file is essentially employed by Exchange server that helps in facilitating a number of users to work in offline server conditions .They can work with all those data stored in the mailbox even there is no connectivity with the server. Apart from corruption issues,sometimes, it also happens that the synchronization between OST files and Exchange server breaks and the OST files become orphaned. Here is the tool that can provide users a speedy recovery of corrupted, damaged or orphaned OST files into three file formats that are PST/EML/MSG. Some of its highlighted features are given below.

  • Recovery of permanently deleted items
  • Repairs OST files by dual scan procedure
  • Filters out emails selectively on date range
  • Provides datapreview along with item count
  • Splits PST filesof large size up to 45 GB size
  • Preserves meta data of all email messages

Functionality Assessment of OST Recovery Tool

Let’s us get into depth of its features and gain a knowledge about its working. Some of its performance oriented features are highlighted below.

Highly Elevated Scanning Process

Quick Scan Approach: Depending on the intensity of corruption level, the software provides two distinguished scanning approaches. The quick scan (which is the default scanning feature of the application) enables you to recover files which have minimal level of file corruption.

Advanced Scan Option: You can go for advanced scan mode if the OST files are severely corrupted. Simply, mark the “Advance Scan” check box and enforce it.

Scalability for Saving File in Different Ways

What particularly impressed me about the product is that how well it works out to fit in every usable mode by providing the ability to users for exporting files in two convenient ways.

  • Selectively Export files
  • Bulk Export approach

Selectively Export files

On completion of recovery process, when you start exporting the files, you can select the files which you want to export simply by checking against that particular file. 

outlook glitches

Further, you have the option to export files in three essential formats: PST/EML/MSG. User can export files in MSG and EML file format and saves this file to export in their supporting email clients. 

Bulk Export Approach

You can alsoexport OST data with their folder structure unchanged by selecting the option “Export” located right at the top of menu bar. This exports all the folders in batch process. 

Convenient Naming Patterns

Well, I can count this as one of the most impressive feature that allows saving the recovered OST files in EML and MSG file format on the basis of sender, subject, and specific date.


View of Live Scanning Progress

The application will provide you a really an advantageous optionby allowing to view the on- going scanning process. You will get to view all the details like the name of the file which is getting scanned, its size in KB, &the specific date it was created.

The product further displays its extendibility by providing the option to users for stopping the scanning in the middle of the process. You can click on the stop option to put the process to halt. 

Filtering Process on Date Range

The utility consists of marvelous filtering process which enables users for exporting OST files to other file formats based on a specific date range. You have to specify the date range by giving details like ‘To date’ and ‘From Date’ particularin order to filter out selectively.With this feature users can save both their valuable time and effort which could have unnecessarily incurred on exporting all the files.

Interested to test the product?

Well the trial version of the utility is available to get a better understanding about its working. Withthe freeware version you can preview all the items present in OST files. However, you will be able to export only 25 items/folder.

Note: The trial version will not allow you to export body content and the associated attachments of items such as contacts, calendars, journals, etc.

Waiting for Final Verdict, Here it is…

Reflecting all its impressive features, the OST Recovery tool continues with its excellence in serving as the best recovery option. After going through its performance evaluation, well I can tout that its performance is certainly up to the level of a perfect recovery solution that enables users to recover corrupted or orphaned OST files into a suitable PST file format. It deserves a rating of 9/10 in terms of productivity. The users should definitely give it a go before reaching out for other solutions.


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