Enable Night Mode in Computer

Enable Night Mode in Computer: Computer is a Most important one in this world. No one can move a day without Computer. Because Storing datum in Note and book is moved to computer. Humans are Mingled with it.  And We Depends on computer to perform any Task. Internet Connection is another important one as computer. A Computer with Internet Connection Made this World. These two things made our Work Easy and Performs it Accurately. And also Programmers are creating many awesome programs to comfort the users working in computer. A Programmer can shape his computer as he like. And also he can as the computer for other users also. Computer Workers Like Bloggers, Programmers and computer Lovers will work in computer even for a whole night. Sometimes they are forced to work in computer without any Lights. This may Damage their Eyes. To overcome this Problem there is a solution in computer. Windows Users. don’t need any Softwares to overcome this Problem. But MAC Users have to Download Software to Enable Night Mode. This article shows how to Enable Night Mode in Computer.


How to Enable Night Mode in MAC OS:

For MAC Users there is no inbuilt Tool, You have to  Download a Software to Enable Night Mode in Computer.
Nocturne is a Freeware. This Software can be used to Switch to Night Mode.
To get this Freeware Go to:   https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/24898/nocturne   

For those who are working for a long time in computer and also in night, They can Switch their computer to Night Mode so that you can work good. For Windows There is no need of any Software.

How to Enable Night Mode in Windows:

There is a tool in Windows known as Magnifier to Change the Mode of Computer. To Enable Night Mode, Magnifier should be installed in your computer.

  1. To Enable Night Mode in computer AERO must be enabled
  2. To Open Magnifier, Go to Start -> All Accessories -> Ease to Access -> Magnifier
  3. Or simply Type Magnifier in Run Box
  4. The Magnifier will be open with Zooming the Window (You can change back to Normal by simply Clicking on Zoom out Button)
  5.Click in Setting Icon in the Magnifier, You will get a new Tab, Check the box in “Turn on color Inversion”
6.You are done, Now your computer will be in Night Mode with Black Background and Gray Letters.
If you want to Disable it, Again Go to Magnifier, Click on Settings and Disable the “Turn on Color Inversion”
But this will be useful for reading Articles, Or while on Programming only.  Because Images will also shown in Black and White only. So this could not be useful to see images. If you want it as Shortcut, Just Right click on the icon of Magnifier in Taskbar and Pin it. Magnifier will be always shown on Windows like an Lens
until you close it. By Clicking the Lens Symbol you can Get Magnifier.
Enable Night Mode in your Computer while Working in Night times and Save your Eyes. Any doubts are Extra Suggestion for this Article Comment it.

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