Before downloading Windows 10

Microsoft is back on its action with it’s unexpected windows 10, That is most of the windows freaks around the world thought of windows 9, Dreamed about it and they were very eager to use Windows 9. But unfortunately, Microsoft unveiled its next Windows update as Widows 10.  On September 30, 2014, Microsoft announced Windows 10 as the successor to Windows 8.1.  Before downloading windows 10 technical preview check why it’s named as Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 ? There are some technical reasons behind this thing. A Microsoft developer explains in a Reddit thread why Windows 10 is called Windows 10. It’s due to the below code. 

if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9″))


/* 95 and 98 */)




. . 

why windows 10

The windows 8 was specially made for tablets which provides a better touch interface, making tasks easier to do and for a better multitasking. The windows 8.1 made for better integration for PC and tablets so that it may be easier to apply. Windows is known for its easiness to use even a kid can explain how to use a Windows PC and it’s easier to understand its features. Now what’s in Windows 10 ? Before downloading windows 10 check it.

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Before Download Windows 10

Main thing that attracts most of the users towards windows is it’s Interface. The comeback of the start menu back from windows XP or windows 7 which we loved to use. And the next thing is the apps can pinned to the task-bar and it can be used as a window app that’s something new about our start menu.

#1 Start Screen

Windows 8 attracted many users with its start menu which provides a very new look to windows and also it acts like a great feast for windows users. But some also hated that tiles view in windows 8. Microsoft don’t want to loose this thing so wit a little modification they made the same interface in Home screen itself. That is instead of Going into a new start screen, Menus are displayed in Home screen itself.

windows 10 start screen

#2 Charming Touch Interface

Next big thing with windows is it’s Touch Interface. Microsoft has started to develop interface based on Touch devices like surface book tablets etc., Windows 8 delivered it’s best mainly in its interface but unfortunately there are many bugs in windows 8 which made many users to hate it and still many windows users uses windows 7 only. All the bugs are fixed in windows 10 and it has been unveiled for technical preview.

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#3 Task View

In Windows 10, the thing which was flippy (Task Switcher) in Windows 8 was avoided and new type of Task View is designed. The advantage of the new task view is that the user can jump between the virtual desktop. The Microsoft developed this new task view because the new users use the Taskbar to jump between the virtual desktop rather than switch in other. Some of the Technology Knowledge users use the shortcut key ALT+TAB which also uses to switch between the desktop.

 #4 Snap Assist

The next feature that is added in windows 10 is snap Assist which helps the user to take a snap window (i.e.)By using this snap Assist the user can take a snap to his/her window into new screens and also tile the windows until the user able to have windows 2.0 or even 3.0.

#5 New Command Prompt

The most interesting feature that the Windows 10 offers is that the Command prompt can get by the user using Keyboard Shortcuts. By using the new feature in command prompt, the user can be able to paste the contents in the commands. Like most of them told, The New Command Prompt is surely into the 21 Century.

#6 Windows Explorer Improves

In windows 10, the windows explorer gets lots of improvements while compare to its previous version. In windows explorer, the new home location set as the new default view. In addition, there is a share button option is placed in windows explorer. We guess that the share button may also place in the context menu too.

#7 Continuum – The Interesting One

In Windows 10, I think continuum will be the best and interesting thing that we did not ever see anywhere. Continuum is the only one that, it is an on fly mode for the 2 in 1 devices. It helps to change modes automatically if the device detects that there is no possibilities for Keyboard attached.

#8 Universal App (Windows 10)

In Windows 10, there is a new Universal model app which makes a guide to all new app. This Universal app model in windows 10 is the new name for the Modern apps, Metro apps and windows App store. But we don’t know that this App is also works in windows phone. Windows 10 has the facility to accept all apps present in windows apps store. And most important one is that Windows 10 offers the facility that it runs in all devices from mobiles to servers. This Universal app in windows 10 also works in the desktop.

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#9 Modern App (Windows 10)

This Modern app is also works on the desktop and float in its own windows. This app was developed by the Microsoft only because of want to combine the Modern UI and the desktop. This Modern app in windows 10 has … icon in the desktop. This icon is for more options (i.e.) on right side of the screen it is placed in the desktop and it works as replacing the commands that is used to be in charms.

#10 Business and Enterprises

Belfiore started his speech as “Business Today” in the launch event of windows 10. Microsoft also hopes that the new release of Windows 10 will do the all the possible things to appeal for business where the Windows 8 did not perform.

One more thing with Windows 10

Windows 10 has keylogger with it to monitor users actions. So whatever one type or perform any actions on windows 10,  everything will be monitored and these informations are used to improve Windows 10. So if you doing anything illegally like hacking don’t use Windows 10. You may catch up.

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