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Most of the Email services are free which are offered by many companies. The first electronic mail was send in US and it was send by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. It was an test mail.  Email service plays important role in everyone’s life. Professional workers uses Email to have good communication with the customers and also to move their job easily. It is mainly for formal communication. Email service is the base of all social networks, Because in olden days email is used to stay in contact with two persons and can communicate from one end of the world to other end. The same thing is now with social networks. But social networks are with some extra facilities. However Email service does not comes to an end because most of the professional workers in this world using Email service to contact their customers. Keeping all the emails safely in your computer itself and if it is accessed without internet connection. It would be more useful for many users. This article will explain how to download all Email contents in your computer.

How to download all the Emails of your account in your Computer:

Already we wrote an article about how to access Gmail withoutinternet connection. But it supports only for Gmail service and also each time every mail has to be synchronized separately. But Mozilla Thunderbird is a freeware which can download all your Emails in your computer itself. The Mozilla Thunderbird is fully as like an Email service which provides all the facilities as in a Email service. More than one Email account can be used at the same time and also it is with chat options.

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  • More than one Email accounts can be used
  • Inbox and Sent mails are downloaded as in Email service
  • All Tags are displayed separately
  • Once all the mail is downloaded it can be view without internet connection
  • If the internet is connected it automatically detects the new mails and shows in notification
  • Checks for Junk Mails (Once a email is marked as junk, It will automatically detect all the junk mails and separate it in a folder)
  • Each email can be opened in separate tabs
  • Its with extra features like
  • More than one chat account can be added
  • Not only Gmail chat Facebook, Twitter, IRC, XMPP also can be added in chat account
  • New emails can be composed and can be send in thunderbird itself without using browser
Only one Email account can be opened in browser. But by using Mozilla Thunderbird more than one account can be opened and all the Emails can be downloaded in our PC itself. So it will be very useful to check old mails without internet connection. Do not download your Emails in other computers like in browsing centre, or in friend home. It may cause very big problem.
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