DIM Desktop Except Active TAB

Working for a Long time on computer make us very tired. Eyes are the first thing that gets Tired. Because Eyes Needs relaxation oftenly. Seeing an object for a long time will make our Eyes to get tired soon. To get relax there should be any different on screen or Have to blink Eyes Oftenly or Have to see some Long Distance Objects. But while working on computer no one will think about it, And also no one would like to move their eyes from the computer. So This article will show how to relax our Eyes while Working on computer. This article shows how to DIM Desktop Except Active TAB.
The only way for this problem is Reducing brightness for other tabs in computer except in the current working tab. Making Everything dim in the computer except the current working tab, will make our eyes to fell comfortable. And also If you are working with many tabs, Brightening the current working tab will help us to find out the tab in which we are working.


How to Dim the Desktop Except Active TAB:

LeDimmer is a freeware which is used to dim everything on your computer except the current working tab. LeDimmer is very easy to access, You just have to Download the File and Install it. After Installing just Double Clicking on the ICON of LeDimmer, The function will be activate.

Download LeDimmer: http://download.cnet.com/Le-Dimmer/3001-2072_4-75904857.html?spi=aae14bf6e558250942c7b30388e01928


Download LeDimmer, Install it and Make everything Dim except the tab in which you are working.
If you want to Quit it just go to Task bar, There you will find the Icon of LeDimmer, Right Click it and Select Quit Option.

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