Create Shortcut Key for Shutdown Windows 08

Today Windows 08 has reached to all very fastly,  and it made our work very easy and comfortable then Windows 07. Though Windows 08 having many advantages, the main problem in Windows 08, We can not Shut it down easily, We have to Log out and Turnoff the computer or We have to search in settings to turnoff the Computer.To over come this problem, There is a way, We can create shortcut for Shutdown windows 8. Its very easy to Create Shortcut key for Shutdown Windows 08,  We just have to create shortcut in C:ProgramData MicrosoftWindowsstart men Programs. as shutdown.exe

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How to Create Shortcut key for Shutdown Windows 08

Its very simple and easy to do. Just follow the simple steps.

1) First Create a shortcut in desktop by right clicking the mouse and Select the New options.

2)  Create the location of the item as given c:windowssystem32shutdown.exe st 0 Then click next.

shortcut shutdown button in windows 8

3) Make this shortcut name as Shutdown and click Finish.

4) Then Right Click in the shortcut and select Properties.

shortcut shutdown button in windows 8
5) Select Change the Icon option, and click OK of the pop Windows,  then Select the shutdown Icon and click OK. Then Click OK in the Main properties Dialog Box.
shortcut shutdown button in windows 8

6) Now select the shortcut icon and copy it and rename it as Reboot.

7) Then give the Location as c:windowssystem32shutdown.exe rt 0

8) Then select an icon apt to that

The Process over, Now you can shutdown your Windows 08 system easily.

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For Hibernate:
As like we can create short cut for hibernate as setting the target as Hibernate computer rundll32.exe powrprof. dll, set supendstate

 For Sleep mode :
sleep computer rundll32.exe powrprof. dll, set suspendstate 0,1,0.

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