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We are living in tech world and everything has become digitized and our loving moments were stored in computer and we can check it out when ever we wish. But saving any videos or photos as we captured will not look good if we check it our after long days or even after many years. So we have to go for best editors that makes our photos or videos a perfect and good looking and also with fun for long years. There are many photo editing software and best one is Photoshop which is with many tools that helps to change a photo as we wish. Like the same way the best video editor VSDC is the one and only one free Video editor that help us to change a video as we wish to have. Here are some special features of best video editor VSDC.

Best Video Editor VSDC

Best Video Editor VSDC

VSDC best video editor is a non-liner video editor which means, This video editor allows a user to place any object within a video and also it makes a user to run a video non sequentially. Any scene can be played in any order as a user wish. Any object can be inserted in a video in any size. This Video Editor VSDC is with very simple user interface which allows a user to make any changes in video easily. There are many awesome features with this best video editor VSDC like merging and splitting videos, removing unwashed fragments and borders, adding various effects and much more, Lets see its features one by one in detail.

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  • Easy User Interface
  • Cool Audio and Video Effects
  • Non Sequence Video Editing
  • Screen Capture
  • Video Collection
  • Video Recorder
  • Videos for Particular Device
  • Inbuilt Burning Tool
  • Supported Formats

User Interface:

User Interface is the first important thing to be check before getting into any software / apps. The user interface must be easy and This Best video editor VSDC is with very easy user interface. That is, any user can work with and little technical knowledge is more enough to work with this video editor VSDC. If you are not a expert in computing field and you want to edit any video, You can go for this Freeware.

Cool Audio and Video Effects:

VSDC video editor provides many audio and video effects that can be applied for a video and all the features are separated in five categories which helps a user to apply any effects easily (Simple UI). Various Audio and Video effects includes

  • Special Fix
  • Object Filters
  • Transition Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Object Transformation

These effects makes a video to be beautiful look and attractive.

Non Sequence Video Editing:

This is the one of the cool feature of this Best video editor VSDC which helps a user to arrange video in any order, That is any scene can by placed after any scene as a user wish and also objects with any size can be included in any part of video. This feature actually makes the video to play as a user wish.

Screen Capture:

This video editor comes with a feature of capturing Desktop video. This edit captures desktop video and also helps to merge the video to any other part of other video.

Video Collection:

A user can create any video and saves any video in its video library of multimedia files. A users can save videos in particular video library in this video which enables a user to check for a video easily.

Video Recorder:

This video editor is also with a recording feature which enables to record any videos from Webcams, IP Cameras, and any video tuners. This sounds very interesting and also it helps to record any videos and edit it as a user wish.

Videos for Particular Device:

This video editor helps to create videos which apt to any multimedia devices like Apple Products (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod), All smartphones, DVD Players, Mp3 Players, Xbox, Archos, Blackberry and more devices.

Inbuilt Burning Tool:

There is nothing more to say about this feature. This video editor is with Inbuilt burning tool which helps a users to burn any modified video to DVD easily.

Supported Formats:

There is no need of any video converter to be used before working with VSDC, Because this Video editor supports all audio, video, image formats and also it supports Codecs .

System Requirements:

Its Supports on all Windows Operating System with 1.5 GHz Processor, 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution, 256 MB Ram, 50 MB Free Disk Space, This Best Video editor requires less configured system to work and hence it can be installed in any windows operating system easily.

Is there anything more needed than the above features? Now you have got the reason why i mentioned VSDC as Best video Editor VSDC. These features made the video as a best one. You can find more about this best video editor and download link:

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