Best Android Emulators – Brings Android on PC

Android is a most upcoming operating system for smartphone. There are many android smartphones which attracts the users to its terminal. The main reason for the popularity of android is due to its open source ability. There are tons of apps for android which helps the users to use it in a better way. Even though android has reached to top, Yet there are many smartphone users without android. For those without android and also for developers to test their apps in computer many android emulators brought up by many developers. But using the best android emulators gives the best result. To taste android in computer android emulators is a best way. This article suggest some best android emulators with its features, Drawbacks and more. Go through the article and find best android emulators for your compatibility.

Best Android Emulator

Best Android Emulators :- Bluestacks:

Bluestacks takes the first place in best android emulator. It is available for both MAC and Windows OS and it supports jellybean apps. Most of the android emulators does not supports jellybean but bluestacks is specially for jellybean which emulates apps effectively. This emulator is specially to bring android games on pc. Bluestacks is with many great features which are listed below.

Download Bluestacks


  • Works fine on both Android and Windows apps
  • Share files between android and windows
  • Linked to Amazon apps store to get apps
  • Auto update
  • Customization facility


  • Bluestacks needs graphics card even to install it
  • And also there many chances for many Graphics card problem to occur while working with bluestacks

Best Android Emulators :- Youwave:

Youwave is in second place in best android emulators. And a good thing in Youwave is it does not needs graphics card. And overall there are same features as in bluestacks. This emulator is available for both windows and mac OS. Youwave is special for searching apps and games. Its very easy to work with youwave and gives you good experience.

Download Youwave

Best Android Emulators :- Virtual-box:

Virtual-box helps to bring actual android on your PC. Generally virtual-box is to work with another operating system inside an operating system. It gives us ability to work on MAC OS in Windows. Like that it also gives the facility to work with android operating system from windows. But this took a little long step to install and also a little hard to work with it. To work with Virtual-box, the system should be with high configuration for the better performance. Click here to see how to work with virtual box to install android OS on windows OS. And most important thing is it does not requires graphics card. Bring android OS on PC using virtual-box.

Bluestacks and Youwave are the two best android emulators and third one, Virtual-box is not only for android emulator, It can emulate any other operating system on pc. It is highly recommended to use Blustacks if the system is with Graphics card, Suppose if there is no graphics card on pc, use Youwave. To bring Android OS on pc use Virtual-box. Comment your experience and also suggestions and also needs, We will give proper solutions for your comments. 

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