5 Best 2014 PC Games

Now,we are at end of this week.So,lets we skip the topic of learning and we will see something interesting topic “GAMES” which gives lots of fun and entertainment and to all people and also relax the people from work tension at the weekend.This article is specially written for the game lovers and I believe that in the world no one won’t be there of without like in playing games.In 2014,we crossed the half of the year.It is hard to believe that there are multiples PC of games are published like “WATCH DOGS”,”TITANFALL”,”LORD’s OF THE FALLEN” etc and the peoples gets confused about which games is worth as rate best 2014 PC games.For those peoples,this article is very useful.I also gets little bit confused about rating the PC games as best 2014 PC Games published in this year.Let we see about the Best 2014 PC Games below. I am not going include Watch Dogs, Fifa games in this 5 best 2014 PC games. These are most familiar games and you would have heard about it. Here are Some cool 5 best 2014 pc games.

best 2014 pc games


Lord’s of the Fallen:

Until the games release on june,the “Lord’s of the Fallen” has the ability to be placed in best 2014 PC games.By seeing this game in glants view,peoples thinks that this game looks like the Darksiders but when we viewed inside deeply into this game,this game is look like the Dark Souls Franchise was taken by the German-mades.This game also has the various thrilling things like big swords,bigger Knights. Inside this game,the gamer need to face lots of hardcore deaths in store.This game is much similar to Dark Souls,This game also offers the feature of methodological combat and the gamers need to be quick on their fingertips to play and complete all the levels in this game.

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Tropico 5:

This game is continuous from its old edition.This game gets into the fifth iteration as banana Republic Simulator(i.e)it is not related in clothing brand.This game also gets into the direction of moving inside on Sim City to simulate the building fully.In Tropico series 5,there is an special feature of computative and cooperative online multiplayer is added.
(Note:Until Tropico 5 Series,there is no feature of computative and cooperative online multiplayer is offered).

HotLine Miami 2:Wrong Number:

The HotLine Miami 2:Wrong Number game is also following up its series of HotLine Miami.By playing the game of HotLine Miami 2:Wrong Number,the gamer can expect lots of blood and gore.This HotLine Miami 2:Wrong Number game is fully matter about Drive-inspired masked mayhem and killing.In this game,if the game named as HotLine Miami 3:Wrong Number,really you we can say that the actual number is wrong in this series.Hope,you got my joke.

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Project Eternity:

Project eternity is the game published from Obsidian Entertainment(master of genre) and it is first developed by Josh Sawyer and his teammates worked in Obsidian.This game is full of fantasy-theme-role which interacts the gamer to play this game. There are lots of well writers helps to create the games.In that well popular writers,George Zeits is the one of the fine writer who already creates Mask of the Betrayer for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Chris Avellone of Planescape: Torment fame helps to modify and wrote the story of Project eternity.This game is very popular and it will be expected in the list best 2014 PC games.

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The Sims 4:

The Sims 4 also follows its own series but the difference between The Sims 4 and its series is, The Sims 4 game offers the new artificial intelligence and emotional system by EA in it. The Sims 4 also offers more experience than its own series. More thrilling features are there then its previous series. Why are you waiting for, Start playing the Game 😀

Hope you get the points what I typed in this articles. Enjoy this weekend by playing this games and get lots of fun and entertainment



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